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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Its been a while!!


Its been a while since i last update this blog... reallife commitments seems to always gets in the way of this blog ;) what to do...

i'll try my best to update this site at least twice a week with a few stuff about this Scale Modelling.. as an introduction now i have 2 projects going on for the Merdeka Group Build due in August 2007 (Malaysia's 50th Independence Day is at August 31, 2007) so i better be quick inorder to beat the deadline..

what i'll possibily try to bring in would be
1. TUDM MIG-29NUB (2 seater version )
2. TUDM SU-30MKM (Upcoming fighter which is due for their first arrival in May 2007)

what i'll be using would be the Academy 1/48 MIG-29UB and a MiniHobby 1/48 SU-27UB (for the SU-30MKM) of course a few convesion will be needed for this.

I'll be using the decals from ScaleNutz since they ahve this TUDM MIG-29 decals that came with a bonus SU-30MKM marking for TUDM.

let see if i can update those in here in the coming weeks..

that's it for now.. be back often

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