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Friday, January 29, 2010

Eat those Oats:Muesli Biscuits

Grocery shopping yesterday, and see this new biscuits on the shelf.
Since the biscuits that i normally have at home (which if from another kind) is about to expired (why i buy a close to expiry date thing is another story); i thought i give this a try.

Upon tasting the biscuit, i fall in love with the taste. Full with those "muesli" stuff + oats etc and very filling i must add. In the big package they have 10 individually pack biscuit (which i think a trend that need to be standardize for ease of handling); very convenience indeed.

But the problem is, i cant stop at just 1 pack... last nite alone i end up eating 4 packs in 1 sitting, maybe i was hungry due to an early dinner of Laksa i have earlier or maybe i just trying to stay awake at 12am after a session of Dragon Age Origins (DAO). And speaking of DAO; last nite only a short session due to the extreme sleepiness that i literally doze of infront of the monitor (i guess the 4 packs of biscuits didnt help me stay awake at all) :lol:

anyway, try this biscuit and share your thought.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

F-16C Aggressor

F-16C Aggressor "Lizard Scheme"

So another round of modelling madness and few first thing for me also.

The below set of work were completed last week and a few achievement were made ini the process of painting the model.

a) First freehand camo (no masking used)
b) First time using a less thinner in the paint mixing process.
c) First time to truly use Photoshop Elements 7 to edit the picture (all those borders etc)

As of last night, the model already going through a "Future" bath in preparation for the decal application which "hopefully" will begins tonight if i can get a break from watching TV (CSI Miami Season Finale is tonight).

The model will appear a bit shiny, but i'm sure a coat of Flat Coat later on (after the decal) will cover the shining thing.

That is all for today, be right back later..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

LOST : The Final Season


its been a long wait... and finally its almost here..
according to ABC, the show will premiere on Tuesday, February 2, 2010.

Cant wait....

for those that didnt know what this ia about.. check-out for a synopsis.. but to really understand the show, one need to watch it from the beginning...

I also need to do just that to recap on what's happening in the show but come Feb 2, the wait is over...... but of course being where i'm i'll need to wait a few days for it.

until then...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

.. Dragon Age Origins...

Its been awhile.. again..

Now hooked on Gaming and now is playing Dragon Age Origins...
Been playing on & off due to work commitment and Scale Modelling stuff.. pretty buzy day...

Playing Noble Human.. and now at level 12 Warrior and at about 13% in the game.

Completed the Nature Of the Beast quest for the Dalish Elf near the Brecilian Forest and encopunter one of the best character in game.... Dyana the Werewolf.. pity that i had to put her to rest to end her suffering...


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