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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A morser named karl... Dragon 1/35 54cm Morser Gerat 041 :WIP 5 - chipping


The campaign ended last couple of days ago... and its already completed.. but to keep the WIP thread going.... i'll post some of my progress :)

Using the hairspray technique... i start doing more chipping on the Morser

this is addictive... looking at how the paint being chipped under the brush.. and i end-up overdoing it at some places. :D

and below are some photos i took using the photo booth i bought with my brother.. :) very significant clarity to the photo.. :lol:

and this is the photo booth setup

next will be the completed photo.. :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A morser named karl... Dragon 1/35 54cm Morser Gerat 041 :WIP 4 - camo


- as the due date draws closer so does my build...

last week manage to paint some camo on the karl. starting with the green camo as per below.

somehow i think the camera adds some light and make the camo a bit bright as what it suppose to... i need to think of a better photography setting...

Overall Paint

And to test the hairspray technique.. i test some paint chipping on the walkway around the Morser.. also from the photo below... some rusting on the exhaust.. ohmy.gif)

The chipping of the Hairspray looks ok to my eyes.. maybe need to scrap the paint off a little more...
and paint chipping is addictive.. might overdone a lil bit if not careful..

next will be the sandy-brown camo..

until then
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