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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #5

Panasonic TZ-15 - Macro
Water drops on green

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Detailing : WIP: British Challenger 2 MBT Op. Telic (Part 6)

Back with another round of updates for my British Challenger 2 MBT...

Yesterday, i ENLIST myself with the armor campaign in under the British Armour Past and Present campaign.  To be honest, i'm very scared to join in since my build skill is very amateurish compared to all the sifus over there.. but to really encourage me to build something, i just thought i join in the fun... This campaign will end in Dec 31, 2011; so i still have 1 month to finish my build..

This time i'm going to put some ratio storage & boxes on the base... this is just a test to see if the boxes sizes confirm to the 1:35 scale.

I found the boxes from the internet and then print it out  on a 100gm white paper and now i got a whole bunch of boxes to fold and glue together.

This is not the final layout as i'm still toying with the idea on how to place it on the base.
The checkpoint sign i found via google and then shrink it to size... and print them together with the boxes.

Still need some touch-up on the boxes and the sign since now they're just too clean.

The late Saddam Hussein poster also i found on the internet from some 1/35 propaganda set and i print it on a 70gm paper the same goes for the poster on the jersey barrier.

below is how it looks for now...

Will update a little bit more later with the final placement of all the stuff and then i can proceed with dusting the whole setup..

until later.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #3

Panasonic TZ-15 Macro-shot

Red Vs Green Vs Clear

Sunday, November 20, 2011

new show...Travelog AirAsia, but...

I loved travel show... somehow i find such show is very informative and educational at the same time...
so today at 7pm, the new show i've been looking forward to watch finally being aired on TV3...Travelog AirAsia... and their first destination is the City of Love... PARIS!!!

Every aspect of the travelling to Paris is covered in this Travelog AirAsia pilot episode from visiting the Eifel Tower, Versailles Palace to shopping near the Arc de Triomphe all done in 5 days and 4 nights...

But... i somehow think that maybe Travelog AirAsia should cover a little bit of how to obtain a halal food there during the travel.. like a recommended restaurant to get a Halal food in Paris or something that we might need to prepare when travelling there... Not saying that it should be covered in detail but should be enough if they would make a tips "pop-up" during the show showing the place to eat...

During the 1 hour, all i can see that, they said that they completed their lunch etc but failed to mentioned what they eat and where... this might be very important for travelers.. ( at least i think its important)...

and IIRC, they mentioned in their promo during Melodi, they should whould make a review of Hotels from 3 stars to 5 stars hotel during the travel.... but again.. i might be mistaken...

anyway.. overall a nice show especially for people like me who never traveled to Paris before (never travel to anyplace outside Malaysia in the recent years).. hopefully it will improved later on...

they even have a contest at the end of the show... this week the questions is... When was the Eifel Tower built?... but in their website they have a different question.... hmmmm weird...

looking forward for next week show... :o)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Something for 11.11.11 - binary day

Just thought i up my blog with some update to commemorate this "binary" day..

I know a lot of people are planning to have their wedding today either its an "akad nikah" or "bersanding"  or even "bertunang" so what ever the occasions are, hope that it will last forever and ever...


Monday, November 07, 2011

The Base : WIP: British Challenger 2 MBT Op. Telic (Part 5)

Another round of updates...

In this updates i'll try to make a suitable base for the tank with all those 1/35 Jersey Barrier that i created earlier. This British Challenger 2 i'll try to show that its on a checkpoint randomly during the Ops Telic duration.

The main "ingredients" for my base are:

  • White Styrofoam
  • Wall filler
  • A4 Photo frame 

First we'll look at the base, i cut the white Styrofoam to fit the a ready made photo-frame that i purchased earlier.

Below is the base with the wall filler already applied on top of the white-styrofoam.

After that i would primer the base with some industrial surfacer and then with a layer of flat black as the base color. Also this would depict the road color.

 As you can see, i try to lay some of the stuff that one can expect to find on a check point for example the Jersey Barrier, some pipes and some random stuff. (please ignore the bombs in the above photo, just something i test to make the base more lively).

Below are photos of the idea of the base with the Challenger 2 tank on it.

 Other modeller suggested me to put some signs and some barbwire on the base.
I've already printed out some signs to test and also will try to make some barbwire and let see how it look on my base

until then...
p/s: i'm also currently paying the Single Player Campaign   of the game Battlefield 3.... will write-up a short review when i'm done playing it... :o)
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