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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Revell 1/35 Panzerhaubitze (Pzh) 2000 - WIP#2

biggrin.gifWhere is WIP#1?....
I'll get to posting it in a bit.. somehow i thought i've already posted it..but i didnt.. so enjoy WIP #2 first :o)biggrin.gif


Around of updates:

been a while since the last update and i got to the point of doing pin-wash.

The camo been painted freehand (was thinking of masking it, but thought i give freehand a try) with Nato Green (base color), Nato Brown and Flat Black (just because i didnt have Nato Black in stock - shame on me!!).

i didnt take the step by step photo (forget all about it) but only manage to take what you see here..

Before i decal i spray a very diluted Nato Green on the camo, as i read somewhere that this helps to blend all the camo color to the base color... to my untrained eyes.. it actually makes a difference... (to my eyes it should.. anyway..)

Decal also already on the tank, not many decal were used and it goes on the model with no problem with the help of Mr Setter & Mr Softer on a clear coat H30 from gunze.

After all the decal, i spray a layer of Clear coat again to seal the decal in and ready the surface for the next step.. pin-wash ( i think this is what they called) using the Tamiya Panel wash (brown/black) or maybe using a normal oilpaint mix with turps...

1. pinwash
2.a coat of flat (seal the wash)
3. Dot filtering (again i dunno if this is what being called, where you dot the surface with oil paint of various color and use turps to blend it in)

Until next update

p/s: also i'm in the midst of priming something Swedish tonite as well. biggrin.gif
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