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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A morser named karl... Dragon 1/35 54cm Morser Gerat 041 :WIP 1

Started this for the Armorama "Big Guns Campaign"...

so far the build have been very kind to me.. not much problem on the build and fit is also very nice..

I'm building this OOB and since the kit come with a fret of PE i'm going to use it as well..

The mandatory box art..
 and this kit is huge!! one of the biggest kit i've in my stash...

the part before surfacer.
 so far i've completed the build and already primed with surfacer 1000.

parts layout will be as above... and i'm going to be painting them separately beginning with the track, the exhaust, and then the main hull

at the end i'm hoping to be able to get this scheme on..

 big task ahead as i'm not very good at weathering stuff...

as usual.. C&C welcomed.. smile.gif

and the due for the Big Guns Campaign is end of March 2014... so i better hurry.... and i put all my other build on hold for the Morser

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hard Rock Cafe shotglass: How i display them.. for now..

a few days back a fellow collector asked me on how i display my Hard Rock Cafe Shotglass collection...(a puny and small collection of around 43 glasses... but its a collection right :o))

so without further ado i'll share it here...well mine is nothing fancy just a glass display cabinet (where i also display my scale models works) and just arrange it as normal..

but as you can see.. i arrange it all on the "GLASS" shelf which i think a bit risky... so i'll move all of it to the bottomest (..err i think there no such word in english.. i should have said "lowest") where it is made of wood... the thought of the glass shelf giving way and crashing with all my precious glass is so unnerving..the sound of shattering glasses.. oh my!!...

i was thinking on getting a proper display for my glass but that is another story..:)

till later

Monday, February 17, 2014

OF "Stryker" and PE - A Trumpeter Stryker M1126" - Part 2

this is part 2 of my Stryker build...

This time around i concentrate on playing with the PE parts...and the love and hate relationship with those superglue (which makes me think that i really need to invest on the Gator Glue).

I used a PE set from Trumpeter for their stryker family....with the help of THE BUG.. i manage to fold the PE nicely (sure beats the use of metal rule as a bender) and now i know why people loved THE BUG so much.... u really cant go wrong in investing in (at least) "the bug" from The Smallshop.. it really makes you enjoy using PE (just ignore the superglue part.. still giving me nightmare).

The progress thus far is as follows...

So until later..

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Arjuna Beta - Fynn Jamal (Song of the moment)

Been listening to this song for days now....

its from Fynn Jamal titled Arjuna Beta..

a nice song of what a mother would do for the son..

i believe initially this was a poem she wrote for her son... been a nice tune to listen to.. :)

enjoy the song and deserved more views.. :)

Full lyrics at the end of the post.. :)

also noted that it also got quite a frequent radio time nowadays.. very nice.. :o)

Lirik Lagu Arjuna Beta - Fynn Jamal

Verse 1

Tak kanku biarkan walau ribut menyentakmu yang tidur
datang petir menyambar
jengking dan ular–
bonda takkan berundur

nyamanlah arjuna beta
mimpikan yang indah saja
nanti bila kau buka mata
semua tak serupa

verse 2

kan ada satu ketika kau tak tahu mana nak pergi
jalan betul, anakanda,
tak jelas mata–
ambil yang sarat duri

hiduplah arjuna beta
biarkan jasad yang luka
selama tuhanmu ada
takkan engkau tercela


ngeri tak terbayang mata
bonda takkan ada sentiasa
nanti moga kau tak lupa
bonda memujukmu, anakanda

hiduplah arjuna beta
biarkan jasad yang luka
selama tuhanmu ada
takkan engkau tercela

nyamanlah arjuna beta
mimpikan yang indah saja
nanti bila kau buka mata
semua tak serupa

Sumber :

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ibu Adalah PEMBOHONG!!!.

Gambar Hiasan: from



1. Saat makan, jika makanan kurang, Ia akan memberikan makanan itu kepada anaknya dan berkata, "Cepatlah makan,ibu tidak lapar." 

2. Waktu makan, Ia selalu menyisihkan ikan dan daging untuk anaknya dan berkata, "ibu tidak suka daging,makanlah, nak.." 

3. Tengah malam saat dia sedang menjaga anaknya yg sakit, Ia berkata, "Istirehatlah nak, ibu masih belum ngantuk.." 

4. Saat anak sudah tamat sekolah,bekerja,mengirimkan wang untuk ibu. Ia berkata, "Simpanlah untuk keperluanmu nak, ibu masih punya wang."

 5. Saat anak sudah berjaya, menjemput ibunya untuk tinggal di rumah besar, Ia lantas berkata, "Rumah tua kita sangat selesa, ibu tidak terbiasa tinggal di sana." 

6. Saat menjelang tua, ibu sakit tenat,anaknya akan menangis, tetapi ibu masih boleh tersenyum sambil berkata,"Jangan menangis, ibu tidak apa-apa." Ini adalah pembohongan terakhir yg dibuat ibu.

Tidak peduli seberapa kaya kita, seberapa dewasanya kita, ibu selalu menganggap kita anak kecilnya, mengkhuawatirkan-diri kita, tetapi beliau tidak pernah membiarkan kita mengkhuawatirkan- dirinya. 

Semoga semua anak di dunia ini, boleh menghargai setiap pembohongan seorang ibu...!! kerana beliaulah malaikat nyata yg dikirim TUHAN untuk menjaga kita.

.terima kasih IBU..... 

saya sayang Ibu saya.


Saya kongsi apa yang saya terjumpa diinternet hari ini... 
saya cuma copy & paste sahaja..
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