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Friday, March 25, 2011

Building the famous RMS Titanic - painting the parts

back to Titanic...

last week my compressor went kaput so all the mood for modelling kaput also.... now since i'll be getting the compressor back in a few days.. thought i share some of the progress *before* the compressor kaput...

The Funnel
The funnel already being painted with my own red + yellow mixture to make it orange...still i think i need to tone down the orange a bit more..

 The Hull paint
Also since i dont have the Hull-Red paint.. need to mix the paint as suggested by the instruction.. 1 black + 2 red.. but it doesnt seem right.. so i add another portion of red.. and the result as follows...

 The black paint is just a straight Flat Black
will need to clear coat this later

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Version: The story of a Malware Attack : Part Uno...

This is my version of the Malware Attack Story that this blog experience a couple of days back.
(Click on the image to see the bigger version of it)

A few visitor alerted me of the "Blood Screen" warning like below from Mozilla..

i really have to praise them for being so brave and click the "Ignore This Warning" to enter my blog and alerted me via my SHoutbox... thank you very much!!.

Anyway, after i noticed about this i scourge the web trying to find an answer to whats happening this is when i find a link to use Google Webmaster Tool to detect the fault in my blog. Once you login to the tools page (using your Google Account),you need to "add" you blog to the Manage list and also you need to verify that the blog is yours by inserting 1 meta code in your header and then the Tools will do it thing.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day "minus 0.5" day: Post Malware Attack entry

Yesterday was a really dreaded day for my blog,
somehow i accidentally created an entry that have some code that deemed this site as an attack site...

According to, my blog is now safe...

Still a bit paranoid of the whole process of recovering. This is my first post at minus 0.5 days after the attack and a bit paranoid and cautious so that i didnt put any more unwanted-codes in my blog.

I'll share the whole experience in a later entry...

Let see how this latest entry play out well to all the visitors.

Thanks to those that alerted me on the possible attack and been helping me test the blog accessibility.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Kumanworks - got updated now with VisualSlideshow 1.5

Finally after a long wait and many model built, i finally got the chance to update my modelling website with some layout enhancement.
kumanworks on the web
My website is located at

I started to use VisualSlideshow 1.5 (Free version) to show my Completed Gallery.

This can be view in my AAVP7A1 Completed page (click me to go there directly)

I'm planning to continue this trend throughout my website updates from now on and see how that goes.

Next update will be of my Tornado build.

stay tune and go give my new layout a go and let me know if i need to change something on that page or how the loading for that particular page is it slow? ok or fast..:D

So far i know that it works fine on Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

thanks for all the support
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