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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

First time for everything

last 2 weeks.. i was admitted to the hospital due to back and stomach pain.
Gone through a series of check-up and there a "speck" or 1 tiny grain of calcium build up in the pipe leading down from the kidney to the Bladder.... no wonder i've been experiencing unbearable pain since the last few days prior to the admission tot he hospital.

But when i was warded, they gave me some medicine to ease the pain and then the next 2 days i feel like a very health man. Walking around the hospital etc.

anyway.... with that comes a few First Time in my life as listed below:
1. First time i was in the company's car a Mercedes Benz E200
2. First time i was bedded in a hospital ward (2 days)
3. First time to have my body bombarded with X-rays for > 8 time in 1 sitting
4. First time i saw my oldest daughter cry seeing me on the hospital bed (she's 5 years old)
5. First time i read a book up to 90% done with it (NEXT by Micheal Crichton - very interesting read BTW)
6. First time i ever get an MC.
7. First time to have my stomach "flushed" the night before the x-ray (a very uncomfortable nights with a few trips to the toilet)

i believe that are about all the "first time" i could think off ATM..

and i'm due for follow up next 2 weeks and the follow up last Saturday went on ok although the Doc said it would take a round 2 more weeks to see the result if the stone actually pass the pipe from the kidney...

and he prescribe me to drink A LOOOOTTTT of water .. palin water up to 3 litres/day... so far i only manage to get 2 litres/day... that should be enough

stay healthy guys/gals
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