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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hard Rock Cafe Shotglass: Kuala Lumpur

With this addition my Malaysia Hard Rock Cafe shotglass is now complete.. (unless they decided to release another Malaysia shotglass).

The rest of my post for HRC is in HERE..My HRC collection so far..

I have all the shotglass from all location in Malaysia including the Penang HRC & Penang Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Melaka (including the Grand Opening) and Kuala Lumpur.

Not a hardcore collector, as long as i have one cityshots and 1 normal Orange Circle or STP, then i'm happy.. :o)

next will be the HRC Singapore...

My other HRC glasses can be viewed Here.. (my HRC shotglasses collection)

Monday, May 19, 2014

U-Boat Type XXI U-2540 (WIP #7) - Weathering?

The rest of the WIP can be viewed (U-Boat WIP -Here!!)

Back again with another round of updates... this round i'll be doing "oil-wash" on the u-boat...
i dunno if i'm doing it right but here goes..

i'll be using Oil paints "Raw Sienna" + turpentine.

mix it together and i have a wash solutions...
 the progress is as follows..

I also did a test rigging on the front of the conning tower..and also i've manage to decal the tower with the "frog" sign..

a very thin wire was used for the rigging and i think it looks ok.. :)

 i might have overdo the wash.. hmmm

before i forgot. the photo of the other side of the hull that have yet to be washed... so we can see how "clean" it was before the wash process... :)

And the rest of the was.. :)

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

U-Boat Type XXI U-2540 (WIP #6) - Painting#1

its been a long while..

The rest of the WIP can be viewed (U-Boat WIP -Here!!)

Now at the painting stage..
been busy with my Karl Morser that i didnt have time to update this...
now that the Karl is done i can get back to this sub...
ok.. manage to paint several layers of paint on the subs....
i'm still undecided on which u-boat to depict but the frog markings on the side is very nice...
so painted the lower portion of the sub with H306...

trying to get some weathering done... so i sprayed the lower hull vertically.. thus a streaking line... a very fade line can be seen vertically on the hull...

oh before that.. i read somewhere on the net that we can start weathering very early in painting.. so i tested by using water-misting-spray... spray on the hull and then straight away spray paint on it.. it produced a random spot-effect on the hull... i'm not sure it it can be seen on my photo

and then after the water dries... i spray another coat of the H306 to cover the effect a lil bit.
seems to be ok...
will try to take a better photo with my photobooth later...
until then... the rest of the photos follows..

note the masking for the yellow lines (should have done this earlier)


Look-up - By Gary Turk & the written version of the poems.

Look Up From your Phone...

A very nice video that "everyone" can relates to...

and the Written words.. (copied from HERE)

Look Up
I have 422 friends yet I am lonely
I speak to all of them everyday yet none of them really know me
The problem I have sits in the space in-between
Looking into their eyes or at a name on a screen
I took a step back and opened my eyes
I looked round and realised
This media we call social is anything but
when we open our computers and it’s our doors we shut
All this technology we have it’s just an illusion
Community, companionship, a sense of inclusion
When you step away from this device of delusion
You awaken to see a world of confusion
A world where we’re slaves to the technology we mastered
Where information gets sold by some rich, greedy bastard
A world of self-interest, self-image, self-promotion
Where we all share our best bits but leave out the emotion
We’re at our most happy with an experience we share
But is it the same if no one is there?
Be there for your friends and they’ll be there too
But no one will be if a group message will do
We edit and exaggerate, crave adulation
We pretend not to notice the social isolation
We put our words into order till our lives are glistening
We don’t even know if anyone is listening
Being alone isn’t the problem let me just emphasise
If you read a book, paint a picture, or do some exercise
You’re being productive and present not reserved and reclused
You’re being awake and attentive and putting your time to good use

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