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Thursday, October 31, 2013

U-Boat Type XXI U-2540 (WIP #3)

Another round of updates for my U-boat Type XXI..

The rest of the WIP can be view at this Link

The below was done during the last couple of nights with a very limited modelling time (work commitments eats my hobby time)

so on with the photos..

First the ladder for the side of the tower..
initially i was torn between leaving the ladder alone and make a new one.. after a bit of convincing by modelling colleague.. i guess its time to test the skill (although for small task actually laugh.gif )...

so using the stapler bullet + a narrow nose pliers.. i have what looks like a ladder...

so below is how it looks on the tower.. and the one above it is the original.. not yet completed and not yet superglued on the other side..

i guess this will do ok to replace the original steps of the ladder... will try to complete it tonight.

next the inside of the tower.. not detail at all.. just enough so that people wouldnt see the empty inside of the sub.. so i used my "creative license" and make something to actually block the empty view to the inside of the sub. so below is the result..

 and the work leading up to the above

Friday, October 25, 2013

A-10A Thunderbolt Part Deux - Completed- less glossy version

an update to my A-10A completed earlier.

The finish on the earlier A-10 is a bit glossy.. so i  work a lil bit on improving it and with a bit of thinned Sandy yellow and a few coat of flat coat this is what i end-up with...

hopefully its better than the previous version :o)

click HERE for the Glossy version


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Suez Seahawk FGA MK6 - Completed

Finally i'm able to post this build in here.

Its completed about the same time as my A-10 ( Click me- A-10 Thunderbolt) for the Post.

A mini WIP can be found Mini WIP post.

again this is Trumpeter 1/48 Seahawk FGA MK6 kit and a review can be viewed at Review

a superb kit but my skill is not that great.. thus the simple oob build by me.. :)
also noted that on my first attempt i try to mask all the Suez markings on the plane it failed miserably... so i end-up using the decal marking and it works like a dream.... i conform really well to the lines (with the help of Mr Setter & Mr Softer)... and it turn out really well...

The panel lines i used the Tamiya Panel Line accent color and this is my first time using that stuff... works well + i also use the Promodeller Dark wash.

Weathering is kept to the minimum as thats why a little glossy still visible on all of my build (except for my A-10 where the glossy is unbearable.. working on the fix now :)

I always loved a wing-fold aircraft.. so that is why i make it that way with this build... and especially since the wing fold is included in teh kit and i got to safe some space in my display cabinet..

So enjoy the photo and please come back for more of my "newbie" build.... coming up on my workbench
- Panda F-35
- Zhengdefu EF-111 "Spark-vark"

Monday, October 07, 2013

A-10A Thunderbolt II - Operation Desert Storm - Completed

Completed my A-10 Thunderbolt II and still a lot more to learn...

Please excuse my "shiny" aircraft since i believe i might need to tone down the glossiness in the near future.. until then i call this one DONE!!..

This is my first 1/72 scale in a long while.... so please enjoy the photo and please excuse the glossiness again...

** my eyes are hurting**

behold the "glossiness"...

some of the WIP can be viewed A-10 WIP HERE


Tuesday, October 01, 2013

U-Boat Type XXI U-2540 (WIP #2)

This is part 2 of the WIP of my Revell U-boat Type XXI..

Decided to details a little bit of the "hydroplanes" (i updated this after my research hahaha) by adding the hydraulic to control the hydroplanes and i  make it in fixed position.. the kit supplied with a toy-like mechanism that you can posed it open or close... a NO-NO for me (at least i try to avoid it if possible hehehe)...

on with the photo...

Next, the stabilizers.. (is it still called a rudder on sub? - no Mr Kuman its called stabilisers).. a little sink mark.. nothing major that a putty and a good sanding cant cure.. will work on the cure later..

thats a bout it for today...

hopefully i have more time in the coming nights to work on this sub..real-job is eating most of my free time this month..


p/s: updated the terms i used... :D

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D tv series

I've been waiting for this TV series for months and finally its here...

It is set weeks after the Battle of New York in The Avengers movie with Agent Coulson back to helm the agents.

There's a few mystery that hopefully will be reveals in the coming episodes such as (the one that i can see) the whereabouts of Agent Coulson after his "demise" in the movie .. although they insist that he's in Tahiti but a few indication states otherwise...

and "nobody touch the LOLA"!!... and a hovering Lola at the end of episode 1 is a must see...

i'll be following this series + a few more series that premieres in Fall 2013.. especially the most awaited Supernatural Season 9. Also i added to the must watch The Blacklist & Sleepy Hollow..

until later

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