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Monday, December 31, 2012

Epic Fail in 2012....

Something to end the year 2012 with....

i cant stop laughing watching this epic fail... a sure way to usher the year 2013 with a good laugh.. :D

look at the confidence and the expression on his face before he took the dive
and later watch as his friend ROTFL at his friend epic fail!!!

Have a good year ahead and hopefully the Mayan Calendar got calibrated to the year 2013.. :D


Monday, December 24, 2012

Pages updated: Scale Stuff

Its been a while since i last updated my PAGES

As i just found a GREAT site for scale modelling tips which features an easy to follow guide and a good site layout for user i felt that i'm obligated to share the site with all...

If you're curious about Scale Modelling or wanted to learn more about it.. the above site is the place to visit and spend some time go through his tips and guide... really worth it.

and i personally like his site layout.. very user friendly and i wish that my Joomla site look half as good as his... my site can be found

BTW now i'm in the process of building an IDF Tank; Merkava 3 an OOB build...


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Big Bad Wolf Book sale 2012 : my aftermath

Who say that we have to physically be at the SALE to enjoy the SALE!!!
i for one have been planning to check-out this year sale.. but what to do commitments to work not allowing me to come to the sale.... but i have friends that willing to help me with the sale... so i end-up spending as much as people who actually there!!!

I have specific titles & genre in mind and armed with that info i pass the title to a friend there..
so i end-up with the following:

Missing is only 2 more books (Gates of Rome & City of Shadows) and it cost me RM8 each... compare that to the normal price of RM35 each!!! ohh the thought Time Travel premises intrigues me since the last Time Travel related book i read was TIMELINE (Micheal Crichton).. so i just had to have these book... now finding time to read all of them!!


RM25 & RM30 respectively.... The Tanks InsideOut will make my collection complete since i already have the JetFighter InsideOut and the Warship InsideOut (which also a friend help to buy from this year BBW)

A couple more haul i will try to update more later on... still have time until Dec 23, 2012 to go and visit the sale and better hurry..:D

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

its Done .. "Gutless" F7U Cutlass

As of December 16, 2012 this 1/48 Hobbycraft Chance Vought F7U Cutlass is done.

and took sometime last night to snap some completed photos..

a model that i can close the 2012's modelling book with and looking forward to a better 2013 ahead (unless something happened in 21.12.12) :lol:

For this year i completed 6 models
1. 1/35 Trumpeter AS-90
2. 1/35 Italeri M8-Greyhound
3. 1/35 Italeri Leopard A2
4. 1/72 Kangnam RA-5C-Vigilante
5. 1/48 Trumpeter F9F-2 "Panther"
6. 1/48 Hobbycraft Chance Vought F7U Cutlass

where some of it did have a link in my blog :D

anyway on to the photos..

Kuih bakul kapit goreng: terbaik di Utara

Hari ni kita share pulak goreng pisang variant yang terbaik pernah aku rasa..
aku sekeluarga panggil kuih nih Kuih Bakul Kapit..

apa yang dikapit? semestinya Kuih Bakul (Mooncakes?)
dan apa yang mengapit? semestinya potongan Ubi Keledek dan Ubi Keladi
dan caranya? digoreng seperti mana cara membuat goreng pisang... (dengan tepung, sedikit kapur, garam sikit dan sedikit air)

dan hasilnya...

Fillings nya adalah kuih bakul yang telah dipotong dan kontras rasa antara Ubi Keledek & Ubi Keladi memang complement rasa manis Kuih Bakul tapi takla sampai over-powering rasa keledek & keladi tadi.

- Ubi Keledek yang orange belah kiri
- Kuih Bakul - yang tengah bronish tu
- Ubi Keladi - yang putih-putih belah kanan tu
- kerak-kerak dia pulak hasil dari double frying kuih tadi nih (not good for the kolesterol concious person)

Sedap dimakan panas-panas, sebab bila gigit ajer fillings tengah tu akan cair macam makan Lava Cake dari Dominos Pizza tu... pergh... memang mengiurkan rasanya...

mai la pakat cuba...
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

"Pacific Rim" movie trailer

Mark you calendar guys.... PACIFIC RIM is coming July 2013 (still along way to go)
but for the time being feast yer eyes on the official trailer for the movie..

I think this is a must watch movie for Mecha/giant robot lovers.... got to see a mecha battling a Kaijo.

a BIG movie for all Godzilla, Evangelion & anime lovers...
an instant must watch for me... Reminder updated.. :D

UP-Disney 3D Movie at RTM TV2

This a very old disney movie, animated movie from Pixar... and i just watched it an hour ago
shame on me!!

it was released May 29, 2009 and i only watched it ,,,again... an hour ago!!!

it is a good animation movie very funny and full of good stories for the young ones.

My only gripes about the movie is that the timing of the show.. it starts at 10pm and lasted for a full 2 hours to midnight... not a very good time for little ones to stay awake and watching movies..... although tomorrow is not a school day (ehh.. i forgot.. now is school holiday)... besides the point.....

Anyway... i never thought that the movie was going ot be this good.. the first 20 minutes the greatest moments of the movie... setting the pace of Mr Frediksen and his wife Ellie.. touching moments of a guy in their old age :(

For the synopsis.. check it out from Wikipedia Click Me!!

This is a disney movie that everyone should watch... rent a dvd, find it ON DVD and watched it with the whole family... i dare you to laugh :D

Now watching ALCATRAZ.. a nice series (i think since its just the first episodes) but i think it got cancelled last May.. on well....

Friday, December 14, 2012

New Hard Rock Cafe opening in Kota Kinabalu

A surprise news for me indeed, i know that one will be opening in KK but dunno that its opened already last week... although its just the RockShop but its good enough for me (since i never actually dine in any of their Cafe before :lol:).

The actual Hard Rock Cafe will be opening late 2013 according to the report.
You can read all about it by following this link.. "Hard Rock Shop KK Opening"

I'm excited and this will add to the existing HRC we have in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Melaka.. and another shotglass to add to the mix.

A friend of mine will help me in acquiring the shotglass from KK anyone else need 1? :D

will share some photo one i receive the shotglass...

a few photo from the above link. (borrowed from

Hard Rock Cafe Penang
Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Gutless" F7U Cutlass - decalling issue!

Urgh... today is the day 12.12.12! :D

So let see who is hiding somewhere..

anyway.. just a little progress on my "Gutlesss" Cutlass... not the decal stage.

The decal Hobbycraft decal is thin and register very well on the aircraft... IF you manage to get it off the backing paper.

I soaked the decal in lukewarm water, also no go.. so armed with 2 twezzers i manually and intricately "operate" on the decal and the result as follows...

unfortunately, not all decal survived the "operation", here are some of the casualties... they just wont come off the backing paper and this is a PITA to see....

So my Cutlass will have to live without these decals... next step is to assemble all the sub assemblies landing gears, landing gear doors, canopy tail-hook etc.

hopefully my next update on this would be the finish shots..

until then... oh BTW: enjoy the 12.12.12 :D

12.12.12 !!!

Sekarang dah masuk 12.12.12 date yang cantek,
so kalau ada sesapa yang sambut birthday hari nih Selamat Hari Lahir..

pada yang nak akad nikah, jangan lupa buat pada  12.12.12 jam 12:12 tengahari... baru mantop time lawa tu..

and banyak kepercayaan yg karut pasai date 12.12.12 nih.... so jangan ada yg terpercaya pulak...

aku esok cuti dan akan berurusan dengan bank-bank yang berkenaan dan boleh la buat model sikit kot.. Cutlass aku pun dok pending lagi nih..

Selamat ber "12.12.12" lah yaa...

Sunday, December 09, 2012

wohoo!! 10,000 visitors... in 3 years??

Been REALLY busy past week.. and when i finally got the time this morning..
 wah!! 10,002 visitors from Malaysia!! cool...

Well.. not a big news for some.. but for my small-little blog this calls for a celebration!!!..

Some other blog clocked 10,000 visitors/day but mine 10,000 visitor per 2-3 years.... that's awesome i never thought it would get visited like this many people (or bots) but this is one of the small little target i set when i created this blog...

Maybe i should increase my frequency of post that i can increase visitors faster :lol:

anyway.... more update coming up such as the
- Cuti-Cuti Malaysia session with the family, and
- my latest scale model builds and the mission to make a proper portfolio for my Scale Modelling stuff (thinking of using Photobook for that.. will see)
- Illustrator / Inkscape tracing task...

And hopefully Malaysia can beat Thailand tonite and please Dato' Rajagopal let Farizal Marlias be the goalkeeper tonite.....

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sinister movie review... my scary review..


 the day for relaxing and minding our own business and not to put any stress onto ourself...

 NOOOO i have to go around watch this movie entitled SINISTER.. and it really spoilt my Sunday afternoon... and YES.. this movie need to be watch in a broad daylight with a spotlight pointed at you....

Movie Poster
I would give this movie a 100 out of 10 stars if i'm not busy covering my eyes every time Ethan Hawke watched the Super 8 film in the movie... its just how scary movie should be done and please dont invite your kids to watch it with you (but its ok if you watch it with your friends at a Lunch Party.. i say lunch party ok... not Birthday Party)

The spoiler is out there in the Net since this is not a super new movie (its out in Malaysia Oct 18, 2012) and do expect to see soooo many censored my the Penapisan... watch it from other source.. its so worth it and can be the scariest movie in 2012....

now.. go watch it and dont you dare find more info in the internet since it WILL spoilt the story for you...

i gave this movie 100 out of 10 stars (because it scares me out of my pants.. and let me stress this.. i watch it in the "relaxing" sunday AFTERNOON.. dont dare to watch it in the night.. it will ruin your sleep for the whole week.. you have been warned!!)

My personal movie review of the film SINISTER...
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