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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Building the famous RMS Titanic - rigging...

ok back to the build....

Now the fun part of ship building.... rigging...

This is the first time ever i do rigging for ship (since  never build ship before), using the included nylon thread in the kit (although i know that there's a good thread called Lycra that is very nice in scale compared to this nylon thread which a bit oversized).

so far so good but having a big fingers didnt help a bit... i need to use twizzers for the rigging and a bit of help from CA glue to make it stick.
enjoy the photos and next i'll post on the stand/base for the titanic.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pawn Stars, not PORNSTARS

First, dont get me wrong.. the title of the show does sound a little kinky and naughty but when you look at the spelling it does make sense...:o)

Learn about the show Here in Wiki!!

I really love this show, somehow this show makes me laugh from all their jokes.. in fact the latest 3 shows aired just a few minutes ago makes me laugh so hard until my stomach hurts and have tears in my eyes....:o)

i love their negotiation skill in getting the people that come to their shop to let go of stuff at the right price, and their way of doing it is what makes it so funny...

and to see their how they trying to get the right price for the right item that come to their shop is just hilarious.

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