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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a new page - JOOMLA Stuff -

As some already notices, i'm revamping my Scale Modelling site (previously at and moving it to my own domain ( And during this migration process i'm learning to use Joomla 1.7 as i go a long.

If you go to my site now, some of the stuff will be changing and will be updated as i migrate stuff from the old site. I created a new PAGE in here is to list out what plugins/module that i'm using in creating my new site.

Below is the link to my new page... Joomla Stuff

 I'll update it as i add more stuff to my new site.. this blog will feature the WIP (Work In Progress) of my scale modeling stuff as it will be linked from my new site.

Stay tune for more update soon.. :D

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Real Steel!!!! The Best Movie i watched!!!

 Call me late.... yes i admit i'm late at watching this movie... heck i really wish i was early in the line at the cinema when they first show this... but nooo..... i have to ignore this and thinking.."sure should be enough watching it on TV next Hari Raya"... but i was dead wrong......


I would say this is better than Transfomers: Dark of the Moon (maybe because in this movie there's only 1 star robot, ATOM).

As i was watching this movie a few minutes ago, i was at the edge of my computer-seat, abandoning my M8 Greyhound  build and letting my air compressor running on empty... and also almost let my Gunze Surfacer dried ( i'm ready to primed my M-8 before i "accidently" switch on Real Steel).

The star of the movie have to be ATOM, and Max Kenton really brings the movie to live.... not forgetting Hugh Jackman & Evangeline Lily (famous from her LOST years and Martin Keamy from LOST also with her in this movie!!) 

 So, for those like me who is LATE.... go get it from your nearest VCD/DVD shop (where able possible buy original guys!) and enjoy the movie..... its a good movie for the whole family (except for maybe a short kissing scene on top of the Tallets' Gym) so now go watch it!!!

Go already.....  

as for me... need to add some thinner to my "almost dried Mr Surfacer" before i hit the bed...

Monday, January 09, 2012

Supernatural Season 7 is back!!

My first post in 2012 and i began with cheering YEHAAAA!!!!.... Supernatural Season 7 is BACK!!! after an almost a month long hiatus.... the adventure of Sam and Dean continues...

 This episode 11 aired on January 6th, 2012 and it begins where Episodes 10 left off... after Bobby Singer pass them the set of numbers....

What is that number? got to watch it!!!... and they're back to hunting Vetala... and at the same time helping Krissy get back his dad...

Really bad on what happened to Bobby... but i'm sure he'll be back (or is he?)

anyway... will continue to watch this next Friday....

ahh.. stay tuned for my next Scale Modelling stuff.. a M4 Greyhound.... :D

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