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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta: Cityshots & Grand Opening

Now the HRC Jakarta collection is complete with the addition of the Cityshots & The Grand Opening...

A friend visited Jakarta last week and he offered to get some Hard Rock cafe Jakarta how can i resist..

and yesterday i received the package with 2 Hard Rock Cafe shotglasses.. the City shots and the Grand Opening....

err i thought Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta opened many years ago.. but why only now released a Grand Opening shotglass to mark the event? or they re-opened at a new location?

this i need to check further...

the Orange Circle a friend bought for me many years ago... just to share the complete Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta shot glasses so i includes it in the "group photo"

next maybe a set from Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco.. a friend is visiting it next month.. :o)

until then.
until later

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hard Rock Cafe Osaka shotglass: recap

Did a bit of clean-up for my Hard Rock Cafe display cabinets a while back and taking some photos of my collection..

below are the glasses i have for Hard Cafe Osaka...
the one at the center a colleague bought for me i believe sometimes in 2008.. all i need now is the normal glas shot to complete the Hard Rock cafe Osaka... the 2 cityshots i'm not too sure when is the issue dated but i think the most recent one is the one on the right... i'm not a collector that need to have every new issue of the cityshots but having at least one in the collection for the related location is a must for me.. :)

I'll upload more photo of my Hard Rock Cafe shotglass from time to time... as i try to document all my collection (not that many) in a proper format...

until then,,


Saturday, January 18, 2014

U-Boat Type XXI U-2540 (WIP #5) - Priming

Been busy with other stuff (mainly doing my M1126 Stryker) only manage to do a little update on the Type XXI U-boat..

A layer of Mr Surfacer should prep the surface for painting..

Will have another layer over the long weekend and hopefully can begin painting after that...

and then can start the rigging. :)

Noting much to look at as it stand today.. will try to work on some weathering during painting stage...

until then...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo,Uyeno-Eki, Osaka Shotglass

Another 3 HRC glassware added to the collection..

Mid December 2013 a fellow collector's friend visited "the land of the rising-sun" - Japan and visited a few Rock Shop over there .. and the result is as follows...

3 cityshots... Tokyo, Uyeno-Eki-Tokyo, and Osaka.
all these 3 i already have the normal shots (orange circle) so this will make it complete...

enjoy the shots.. :)

ops.. i thought i have the normal shot for Uyeno-Eki... unfortunately.. i still didnt have those!!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

OF "Stryker" and PE - A Trumpeter Stryker M1126 "ICV" build Part 1

15 days in the new year 2014 and i'm starting it off with a new build from Trumpeter Stryker M1126 "ICV"

inspired to do this after i "accidentally" registered myself to a campaign in called "Armorama - Trumpeter Campaign"

I've long been a fan of Stryker and have acquired quite a few models of Stryker variant... and only have the courage to actually start building one of them.

I choose this because i think i should start with a "simple" vehicle just to get the feel of building the Stryker before tackling the whole collection.

The kit i'm using now is the Trumpeter 00375 M1126 Stryker "ICV". ReviewKit review by PerthMilitaryModelling + the PE Upgrade set also by Trumpeter (Review)

I begin the build with the wheels.. i'm trying to be cheap by trying to make my own sagged wheels for the stryker and the result is acceptable by using the supplied Vinyl wheel..

What i did was i cut some sprue and stuff it inside the wheel.. i did it on all 8 wheels and the final result..
Look bulgy and sagged to me.. so i think this is ok...

Next.. the turned-wheels.... always wanted to make a turned wheel for my stryker and i did it with a bit of surgery to the undercarriage.... and noted that this is still WIP so a new rod not yet installed.. :)

Will update more on the wheels once i got more progress to it.. until then...

NEXT: PE... :)

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