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Friday, September 04, 2009

Paku di Dinding Hati

Something dari email.. sure many people already received or seen this... we can really relate to this...

Paku-Paku di Dinding Hati...

Ada seorang pemuda yang sangat pemarah. Dia tidak dapat mengawal kemarahannya walaupun ianya hanya satu masalah kecil sahaja.

Pada suatu hari, bapanya telah menghadiahkannya dengan seguni paku. "Untuk apakah paku-paku ini ayah?" tanya pemuda tersebut. "Setiap kali kamu marah, kamu pakulah tembok batu di hadapan rumah kita ini, bagi melepaskan kemarahan mu" jawab ayahnya.

Pada hari yang Pertama sahaja, pemuda itu telah memaku sebanyak 37 batang paku pada tembok batu tersebut. Selepas beberapa minggu, setelah dia dapat mengurangkan kemarahannya, jumlah paku yang digunakan juga
berkurangan. Dia mendapati, adalah lebih mudah mengawal kemarahannya dari memukul paku menembusi tembok batu tersebut.

Akhirnya tibalah pada suatu hari, dimana pemuda tersebut tidak marah, walau sekali pun. Dia pun memberitahu ayahnya mengenai perkara tersebut dengan gembira. Bapanya mengucapkan tahniah dan menyuruh dia mencabut kembali paku itu satu persatu, pada setiap hari yang ia lalui tanpa kemarahan.

Hari berganti hari, dan akhirnya dia berjaya mencabut kesemua paku-paku tersebut. Pemuda tersebut lantas memberitahu perkara tersebut kepada bapanya dengan bangganya. Bapanya lantas memimpin tangannya ke tembok tersebut dan berkata "Kau telah melakukannya dengan baik, anakku, tetapi lihatlah kesan lubang-lubang di tembok batu tersebut, tembok itu tidak akan kelihatan sama lagi seperti sebelumnya.

Bila kau menyatakan sesuatu atau melakukan sesuatu ketika marah, ianya akan meninggalkan kesan parut dan luka, sama seperti ini. Kau boleh menikam seseorang dengan pisau dan membunuhnya. Tetapi ingatlah, tak kisah berapa kali kau memohon maaf dan menyesal atas perbuatam mu, namun lukanya masih tetap ada. Luka di hati adalah lebih pedih dari luka fizikal. Sahabat adalah permata yang sukar dicari. Mereka membuatkan kamu ketawa dan menggalakan kamu ke arah kejayaan. Sahabat juga adalah seorang pendengar, berkongsi suka dan duka dan sentiasa membuka hatinya kepada kita.

.... i'm feeling a bit....

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lost Season 5 Finale


This is just about the one and only TV series that i've been following without a skip and some of the episode i watched multiple time going back and forth in between seasons (just to cope with all the character flashes).

and now Season 5 ended yesterday and the Final season of the series (Season 6) will not be returning for another NINE MONTHS!!!....

i have yet to watch the season finale.. maybe tonite ; so until i do... i'll avoid any website or any thing that might spoiled my watching enjoyment... so back-off spoilers!! :)) :D

Maybe i have something to say AFTER i watched the finale.. hehehe

until then..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

kumanworks Update - FA-18A NSAWC

This is the latest update in my website... the NSAWC FA-18A Hornet

Details and more picture of the build can be seen in my website just follow the link or directly go to the build page HERE and this is the first time that i make a very colorful plane and hopefully not the last since i have another 2 in the works for a F-16C Aggressor wearing a Flogger Scheme... stay tune for the update in here and my website... that will come in the following weeks...

for now enjoy the updates in the website.. :D


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kenny Rogers Roaster Dinner

Eating Out: Kenny Rogers Roaster

Its the time of the months again for a free dinner provided by my superior and this time around in Kenny Rogers Roasters.

And this is what i ordered with a budget of RM50/head...

1. Iced Caramel Machiato Marvel

2. Country Soup

3. Black Pepper Quarter meal chicken

4. Double Decker Chicken Sandwich

and those are a very delicious and stomachful of food...
and i have to "ta-pau" the sandwich coz its just too big...

so next time can come and eat here again...


Country Soup (a delicious mushroom soup)

Iced Caramel Machiato Marvel (need a bigger glass)
Double Decker Chicken Sandwich (need to "ta-pau")

Black Pepper Quarter meal chicken (those Mac & Cheese is damn delicious)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It came from email continuation...

Continuation from yesterdays post about the Toyota..
just a couple more picture to brighten the Toyota.. :D

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It came from email

It Came from email Part err...err.erer....

i received this email with the subject "Why we should buy Toyota cars".
upon seeing the picture i have to agree.

maybe the uncle didnt care less on how the car look from the outside.. but he sure does maintained the engine in running condition :lol:

just imagine if it rains.. he must have a GIVI raincoat in there somewhere..

anyway just enjoy the picture for now...

until later

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hooked on Gaming...Neverwinter Nights 2

Last couple of weeks i reinstalled one of my favorite RPG game around.. Neverwinter Nights 2.. i finish the first Neverwinter Nights years ago and now this is the 2nd try which i try to actually finish this 2nd game...

by the look at the current progress i might be able to finsh this... the schedule of playing will be as follows... from 10:30pm every night to around 12:30am... so this give me enough time to wake up in the morning feeling fresh before go to work.

But during the weekend its a different schedule.. hahah

Now approcing the end of ACT I with my Fighter/Frenzied Berserker character.

So if anyone loved PC Games... give this game a try.

till next time..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Learning to use PS Elements

Its time to learn some new skill...

armed with a Digital Camera magazine issue January 2009, i load up the Photoshop Elements 7 and try to "cook-up" some image based on the tutorial they have in there... even though some of the tutorials would require the adjustment of the color contrast etc, i end up leaving all the color as it is just used the PS Elements to add the frame to the shots only.

All the shots below i captured using my 1 year old Panasonic Lumix TZ15 and using the preset setting for scenery. The location of these shot is just around my house during either sunset or at dawn.

enjoy my learning experience and hopefully these would inspire other people to take up photography and use PS Elemets as one of the tools for the post-production of your photos. Although i know there are a few more tools out there that can do it faster like the all in one Google's Picasa 3 and those from ACDSee.

Sunset purple



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eating out...


Yesterday... me and the office mate went out for early dinner at one of the eatery that just open last year... just on the way back to my house... the food is nice but the price .. well let just say eat there once can last you a few dinner if you eat at the normal Tomyam restaurant. ehheh

anyway... like i said.. the food is nice and the portion of each food also not that bad...
i ordered the Roasted Chicken with Tumeric Sauce (since i already try their Grilled Black Pepper Chicken the other day) and also a Iced Caffe Mocha (although its very rare for me to drink iced beverages during meal) and also "tarpau" some Tiramitsu and Blueberry Cheesecake for the one waiting at home :D

when all is done, come the hard part.. paying for the meal. but lucky for me and my officemate... we can claim this from our recreation benefit... so basically we eat for free la yesterday...

all in all a very satisfaying meal and i dont know if i'll be able to eat here again in the coming months... the future outlook is not that great nowadays....

with that enjoy the picture of the meal i had below

till next time...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Nasi Lemak Temptation

Cycling is part of my routine during the weekend (Saturday & Sunday) or any day that i take leave... and the routine usually starts at around 7:30am and lasted for around 1.5hours later. And this again somehow related to my last post below..

So last saturday, i was at my regular route which pass by a very good Nasi Lemak stall by the side of the road. And the smell of hot nasi lemak on a banana leaf really makes me wanna stop and have a pack (or 2) of the nasi lemak... but after thinking about the cholesterol that i need to cut and also thinking the amount of calories i already been burning since early in the morning, make me cancel the thought and with that... I WON!!!... take that nasi lemak.... 1 for me, 0 for Nasi Lemak...

So i continue my cycle home with the thought of i manage to control the urges... and a mug of Oats + raisins awaits me at home hahahah...

:: More info. on Nasi Lemak?

the picture of typical nasi Lemak i found on the net...

until next time

Friday, February 06, 2009

Supplimentary diet

again .. its been awhile...

i just took my Health screening result last week.

it seems that my bad cholestrol level is still at the same level as the last time....

this is not good.... so the doctor suggested me to take this supplementary Omega-3 pills.

So i went on and bought myself a bottle of 60-capsules Omega-3 pills under the brand Seven-Sea (IIRC).. and i have to take 2 pills once a day...

also i have to double my exercise "dosage" in order to control this bad cholesterol thing... hmmm

and also i thik i need to try this Quaker Oat thing that they claimed can reduce this bad cholesterol also.... i really hoping they are right.. :D

did some "Googling" on the subject.. some say this Bad Cholesterol is a myth... let me read through all the article and then i''ll make my stand... but again this is about my health so there's nothing wrong in trying to improve (decrease) the

ok moving on...
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