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Friday, March 28, 2014

A morser named karl... Dragon 1/35 54cm Morser Gerat 041 :WIP 3


a few updates for my Karl.. after the base color... i coat the whole kit with a coat of Hairspray for the paint chipping effect.. smile.gif

and after the hairspray dries... i start with the color modulation (at least i try) on the first camo color.. the sandy yellow.

i think all this paint modulation will get covered by the subsequent layer of camo. hmm.. at least i tried the paint modulation :D

on to the photos..

and all the parts after the paint modulation attempt..

until next time... the camo paint... :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A morser named karl... Dragon 1/35 54cm Morser Gerat 041 :WIP 2

over the weekend i manage to paint the base color for the morser..

and it used a lot of paint.. luckily this is on the base color...
let see how i'm going to cover all this with some dark yellow....
 my color stock going to need restocking soon.

on to the photo...
i used the combination of a few color for these.. mainly dark grey..

Sorry if the image is a bit dark... need to somehow make a proper shooting booth for this...

i'm going to use the:
H66 - Sandy Yellow
H47 - Red Brown
H80 - Khaki Green

ohh before that.. a layer of hairspray before the sandy yellow.. for paint chipping purposes..

and also with try those Color Modulation techniques.. :)

until later..

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