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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy 13th Birthday.. GOOGLE!!!

If its not because of google as my default search engine, i wouldnt have noticed that today is Google's 13th Birthday.....  so a round of Birthday wish for google for a good 13 years serving the net and a good hunderd years to come....... :D

 Above is their logo in all their default page today and thats how i know today is their birthday :D

So far from Google i used
- Search Engine (of course)
- Picasa (pretty nice image management)
- Google Chrome (not bad)
- GoogleMaps (dont leave home without it)

still waiting to test
- Google Apps (online apps thinggy)

so enjoy  your birthday Mr Google (or Ms Google) and looking forward for more stuff from you hehehe


Sunday, September 25, 2011

kumanworks is back!!!! is back!!
After being out from the web for a couple of months... is back!!!!!

This is the problem of hosting your web on a free server... you never know when the site going to be "down" and only left to wonder on what happened to it... so now i think i need to do something about this downtime.. :o) more coming soon,...

but for now.. its back and i'm looking forward to updating it as well updating my blog with (especially) scale modelling related stuff....

all my traffic update before the downtime also gone.. and now the traffic to my site reseted to "0" hmmm what to do....

by the way.. my Challenger 2 MBT is "cooking" (or rather painting) in my spray booth at the moment.. will post more once i'm almost done with it....

so for now.. head over to for my scale modelling update (which hopefully i can do it in the next few days)



Friday, September 16, 2011

Model Skala Kemerdekaan "Sebelum & Selepas" di Muzium Negara

Ok guys...

as i hinted on my post in August 15, 2011. its now official.. the SFTPMS and Muzium Negara in a collaboration in bring in to the public a special exhibition regarding scale model from Sept 16, 2011 ~ October 14, 2011 in conjunction with Merdeka 54 years and Hari Malaysia 2011.

Details in the Muzium Negara website..  (HERE)

Here is another shot of the banner promoting the event near Muzium Negara, thanks to my friend (Argrillion) for forwarding this..

One of my model also on display there, see if you can spot it... :)
it look like this...

and this..

I'll be coming to KL to see this as well... see you guys around... :D


Monday, September 05, 2011

Its been ages since i last install Windows98!!

First post in the "new moon" (sound like that movie title already)...

Google is your friend...

As the topic suggested... today is a historic day for me since after how many decades of not installing Windows98, i got a chance to do so due to a PC malfunctioned in the production line.

This pesky machine required Windows98 to boot the software and it believe it can work with WindowsXP but some tinkering is required.. so i thought just install Windows98 and be done with it..

Lucky for me the Windows98 cd i used is of a Second Edition where the setup can be booted directly from the CD, else the problem of preparing the Boot disket etc.

As i was so used to installing modern OS's, installing this version makes me feel a bit weird... with all the extra large fonts and dark-bright-blue screen... aduhai the pain of waiting for it to install...

but at the end i survived after so-many restarts.. now installing the drivers.... i wonder if i still need to install the display driver in this ancient PC.. :lol:

till later... with some update on my Hobby.. :)
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