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Monday, October 13, 2008

ex5Q Small Gathering

ex-5Q Small Gathering

Its this time of the year again.. and some of us got some small get together during the long weekend hari Raya that day...

On Friday, Nazrol and DD + their family stop by to my house.. tapi somehow "ter"forget pulak nak amik gambar DD and family, very cute family ehehheh...

On Saturday, myself and my 2 daughters went to Rumah Mail and then we convoy to Rumah DD di Bertam. Bila sampai sana, Liz and Rizal and DD are waiting for us (actuallynya DD have to come and fetch me and mail near the roundabout lepas dah terlajak jauh gila... apa la navigator nih... itu la tak pakai GPS cuma harapkan lekat map kat belakang phone aja)

Makan nasi ayam yg best kat umah DD... so lepas nih kalau nak gi umahh DD suruh dia buat lagi nasi ayam tuh... sedap....

Gambar kat bawah ekk....

DD and Liz... nanti pass gambar kat aku.. bleh aku upload kat sini..

as normal... comments welcomed..


Friday, September 26, 2008

Nostalgic Past: Part Three


tag: me,min,roy,sah, shah
rina, mala, yati, wanyaz,yan,harlina
shidah, ija, liz (posing maut), sheddy

Ok ler kengkawan..
aku rasa this is the best picture of us from the class... except not everyone is present in the class that time thus only setengah jer yg ada...

i have a feeling that this picture is close to the SPM exam already since everyone is so relaks jer...(pelik kan.. patutnya dekat nak exam kena la tense... kami bleh rilek lak ahhaha)

so... ini saja la untuk this week.. nanti sebelum raya i'll update a few more...

stay tuned kengkawan....

p/s: sesapa yg letak komen tuh trima kasih...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nostalgic Past : Part 2

Nostalgic Past : Part 2

Another round of update....

- The following pictures are taken at exactly 16 years ago today on September 25, 1992 (technically still have a few more hours to be exact.. since this functions was at night)
- Note the date on the picture right-bottom.
- If i remember correctly this was during the Raya dinner organized by MRSM Ps
- So guys... laugh away..

jangan Lupa komen ekk...

picture tagging: sheddy, shidah, aza, liz,harlina, linda, dunno, mail, roy

picture tagging: nazrol, roy, min (at the back), yours truly, mail cromok,hamka (yg tengah laloq)
tagging: min, shah songeh, awi, me, roy, gaza, nazrol

Nostalgic past: 16 years ago Part1:


Since the last couple of days, me and a couple of my friends (ex-classmates actually) are getting back in contact via the wonderful-world of sms and emails... and a lot of fond memories are being brought back including :
- a lot of pranks (rina vs mercun tarik, Liz vs rubbish throwing, HAG vs buah nyiok),
- jokes (a lot... a lot of jokes) ,
- name calling ( i dont think its appropriate now but.. sendiri mau ingat laa) ,
- punishments (for being the most social class ever - dang those seniors!!!),
- sudden outburst (errr. Teratak Ilmu incident hahahah - sorry ekk...)
- class wide protest (class vs Chemistry teacher vs name calling - resulted in a terrible SPM result!!)
- personality issue (pemalu then vs outspoken now)
- alim vs social (all mixed up in 1 class)
- JDP vs "normal citizen" (Gaza & Meen - not Fahmin ok)
just to name a few..

and some of us havent meet each other since the last 16 years we left our school back in 1992 (after SPM)... only heard a few rumours flying here and there such as...

- a sudden demise of fellow friend due to motorbike accident..
- classmates marrying each other
- one goes to Mars... (sorry... heheh)

again just to name a few...

- most of us already marrried and have a few kids and "still" 1 wife (for starters)..
- some are a fulltime career man & women (..hint..hint..)
- some still looking for that Mr Right...
- some already committed to a Mr Right and Ms. Right...
so guys.. enough of my flashback...

The Photo above is to jolt everyone memory of that day when we're in high school close to Padang Besar called MRSM Perlis some 16 years ago....
Next will be a VERY nostalgic picture taken 16 years ago today (Sept, 25, 1992)... in my next update in a bit...
Enjoy and laugh together-gether..

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It Came From Email : Part Two

Another round of things that pop-up in my inbox the other day from a friend of mine...

this is road sign again read with caution and laugh...


Monday, September 08, 2008

It came from email : Part One

A good portion of things that make our day in the morning came from the Emails... and i received this in my inbox a couple of days back... a very good this as well and its titled

"Kenapa Aku Anti Motorsikal"

Its in Bahasa Malaysia, so just enjoy it and dot get any wrong idea with it. Treat it as a light reading materials...

you have been warned!!..


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Funniest radio in Malaysia

i was driving to work on Tuesday morning when i tuned to Hitz.FM morning crew with Rudy and JJ..... man these guys are really funny...:))

they aired their gotcha when they call their mechanics (Murali IIRC) and said that their car brake didnt work... with all the sound effect etc you can really feel the "panicness" in the Mechanic voice when he received the call and his loyal customer with this problem...

Man!! that is 1 funny stuff.. i have to stop my car on the side of the road because i'm laughing so hard thta my stomach almost burst and tear also come running from my eyes.... the hardest laugh i have in months :))

syabas guys.... u guys really earn the title... The Funniest Guys On Radio..

and i've been tuning to these guys in the morning... every morning.... they really put a smile in people face...

and i heard that they're coming to Penang this weekend (Saturday 080808) Queensbay Mall 12pm - 3pm....

coincidently i'll be in Queensbay aswell meeting up with some friends.. maybe will drop and congrates them personally... :))

oh their site


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

First time for everything

last 2 weeks.. i was admitted to the hospital due to back and stomach pain.
Gone through a series of check-up and there a "speck" or 1 tiny grain of calcium build up in the pipe leading down from the kidney to the Bladder.... no wonder i've been experiencing unbearable pain since the last few days prior to the admission tot he hospital.

But when i was warded, they gave me some medicine to ease the pain and then the next 2 days i feel like a very health man. Walking around the hospital etc.

anyway.... with that comes a few First Time in my life as listed below:
1. First time i was in the company's car a Mercedes Benz E200
2. First time i was bedded in a hospital ward (2 days)
3. First time to have my body bombarded with X-rays for > 8 time in 1 sitting
4. First time i saw my oldest daughter cry seeing me on the hospital bed (she's 5 years old)
5. First time i read a book up to 90% done with it (NEXT by Micheal Crichton - very interesting read BTW)
6. First time i ever get an MC.
7. First time to have my stomach "flushed" the night before the x-ray (a very uncomfortable nights with a few trips to the toilet)

i believe that are about all the "first time" i could think off ATM..

and i'm due for follow up next 2 weeks and the follow up last Saturday went on ok although the Doc said it would take a round 2 more weeks to see the result if the stone actually pass the pipe from the kidney...

and he prescribe me to drink A LOOOOTTTT of water .. palin water up to 3 litres/day... so far i only manage to get 2 litres/day... that should be enough

stay healthy guys/gals

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Almost involved with an accident!!

phew that was close!!

it happened last night when i was on my way back home. At this junction to my house, i was about to make a right turn into the junction, i gave signal and as i was taking my turn suddenly a kid on bicycle emerges from the cover and i have to stop in the middle of the road to let him pass (or else i might "bulldozed" him), as i hit the brake an ice lorry coming straight at me with a very high speed and was about to hit me.. so i put on gear and push the pedal to the metal making a high screetching sound at the tire and hear my engine roar. and at the same time the lorry also hitting his brake with also the screething sound and left a 2 meters skid mark of burning rubber on the road.

He manage to stop and i manage to avoid hitting the kid and accident adverted.

But didnt end there, the lorry driver followed me and prompted me to stop, lucky for me i stopped in my neighbourhood so all the neighbour come and gather around to see whats happening.

So he stayed in his lorry and cursing away, i feel that if not because of the neighbours around, he might wallop me or something since i'm alone and he's with a friend in the lorry.

SO to settle the problem, i just apologize to him and thank god nothing crazy happened. and also thanks to the neighbour for being there.

case closed.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Workbench for model making

after being prompted by my fellow friend to show my Workbench in my room, here is it..
this is a dedicated room acquired by myself adjacent to the kitchen in the house. A small room that is also my PC Room and my reading room (small library).

First up is the photo of the PC(s) and also my entertaiment station when i'm working on my model. and this "L" shape table is custom made from leftover plank & wood from previous carpentry work outside the house. The compressor is located under the table

Next is the view where all the airbrushing are being done.. next to the window with the airbrush booth.

Next the book cabinet and also the stash on top
that should be it for now.. :D


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Continuation of the Book purchase

as promised... the other 2 book i purchased are Book Of Flight & MegaBites of Flight.

Pretty interesting read for people that travel with airlines.. answer most of the "myth" in air travel like the one regarding the aircraft hit by lightning etc.

interesting read..

adios for now.. D

Monday, June 02, 2008

Book shopping at Bukit Raja

I'm in a mood of some Novel reading and i've been hunting for this book by Micheal Crichton titled NEXT (RM30) HERE

so i went to Jaya Jusco Bukit Raja yesterday with my brother, and i've got a bargain of book that i can read for a couple of months. They have abargain bin where any books with a code 18 or 81 got a special price of 5 books for RM10.

So the "bargain bin" were beseige by a lot of people and everyone end-up carrying 30-40 book of various titles and sizes. YUP sizes.. some people actually buy books based on the size and weight of the books especially when it in the bargain bin :).

i for one also join in the "feeding frenzy" and end-up with 10 books of various title. some of it as listed below with a link to it in

1. No True Glory: A Frontline Account of the Battle for Fallujah HERE

2.Terrorist: A Novel by John Updike HERE

i cant recall the rest of the books.. i'll update tomorrow once i got the title right for the rest of it :D

enjoy.. BTW the TUDM Open day was AWESOME will post some pictures later

Friday, May 30, 2008

RMAF 50th Anniversary

This is the event to go to this year (if you're aircraft enthusiast like me).
I for one will make my "exodus" to Subang Airport tomorrow evening and meet-up with some of my Scale Modelling (read SCALE MODELLING, not those cute modeling) buddies. This will be a fun trip for us modeller.

Anyway as posted somewhere, here are the itenary of the event especially on the June 1st, 2008; since this is when the event are open for public. ohh and the admission is FREE...ZARO..NADA..ZIP..KOSONG :o)

ok the itinerary as follows: take from ->

Jadual Pertunjukan UdaraSempena Sambutan Jubli Emas TUDM 1 Jun 2008
PAGI: 9.00 – 10.00
9.00 - Hawk/CN235/ Terjun Bebas PASKAU
9.04 - Hawk Strike
9.08 - Nuri SK61 – SPIE Rig Oleh PASKAU
9.15 - Super Hornet F/A-18D –Aerobatik
9.22 - Mig 29N – Penerbangan Taktikal
9.32 - PC7 – Aerobatik
9.41 - Sukhoi SU 30MKM – Aerobatik

PETANG: 2.00 – 3.00 Petang
2.00 - Hawk/CN235/ Terjun Bebas PASKAU
2.04 - Hawk Strike
2.08 - Nuri SK61 – SPIE Rig Oleh PASKAU
2.15 - Super Hornet F/A-18D –Aerobatik
2.22 - Mig 29N – Penerbangan Taktikal
2.32 - PC7 – Aerobatik
2.41 - Sukhoi SU 30MKM –

AerobatikPameran Statik Pesawat
Single Pioneer
A4 Skyhawk
F5E Northrop
MB339 AermacchiHawk
F/A18D HornetMiG-29N
Alloutte MkIISK61
A4 Sikorsky (Nuri)
Pilatus PC-7 MkII
C130H Hercules
CessnaLear Jet
Malaysia Sport Aviation Federation

Pameran Peralatan
No 1 Skn
No 11 Skn
No 12 Skn
No 15 Skn
No 16 Skn
No 17 Skn
No 18 Skn
No 20 Skn
Institut Latihan Tentera Udara
Pusat Latihan Terbang
MuziumBahagian Sumber Manusia
Institut Perubatan Penerbangan
Skn 310
Institut Teknologi Senjata dan Bahan Letupan
Institiu Teknologi Aerospace

hope to see some familiar aircraft there.

when i return, i'll post some picture here..

stay tune;D


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Let give this a Blog another round of life!!

Ok.. since its been a whole 14 months with no update.. not i'll try to give this blog another breath of life in conjunction of my new website...

This Blog will be linked back to my website at so that any thought /reply visitor have can be expressed here in relation to the stuff i put on display over at my site (BTW my site is a Scale Model site so expect some modelling jargon)

anyway i'll try to update as much as possible in here once i've updated my website as well..

so happy replying and happy blogging.

BTW this blog will cover everything that i find interesting to me not only limited to scale modelling

with that "WELCOME To The new Blog!' !!

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