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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Scale Modelling for the masses: Why my blog must be in the "Project Disember DJ2B"

Why my blog must be in the "Project Disember DJ2B"

Hope it’s not too late since I just learned about this a few hours ago and surprisingly the due date is midnight tonight (December 1st, 2010)!!
Here goes nothing…
As an effort to introduce the Scale Modeling to the masses (thus sharing my hobby and passion), I reorganized and give my blog a quick jolt from its regular posting behavior and style.
Resulting from that, beginning from November 4th, 2010; I switch my blog back to the initial intention (when I first open this blog back in 2005) of promoting the hobby of Scale Modeling to the people and use this blog as a medium to share my hobby and also help me improve my English.
 That’s the reason why from November 4th, 2010; all my entry is in English and only revolved around Plastics Scale Modeling.

Monday, November 29, 2010

MH-60K Blackhawk SOAR: Completing the helicopter

I took a break from my Panavia Tornado Gr MK1 build and continue with this helicopter which is now delayed at the decalling stage.

This helicopter also would go well with my previous helicopter build which is the OH-58D "Kiowa Warrior".

So last couple of nights, i take this one out from the display cabinet and start to dry-fit the miscellaneous things that i need to make it to the finishing stage.

Still need to get the external fuel tanks and the rotor on the helicopter before i can proceed with attaching the wheels.

Noticed that at the bottom left is the emblem of the unit "NightStalkers"

So this is where the helo is at the moment and will try to finish attaching the parts together by this week and have it ready for display by next week.

hopefully i dont get distracted again this week and be able to finish this MH-60K Blackhawk SOAR helicopter

More photo below..

Friday, November 26, 2010

Murfies Modelling Mandates: Applies to all Scale Modeller......

I was surfing the net for reference when i came upon this MANDATES for all scale Modeler... scary stuff and very true..
Here is the original article.. i just copy and paste it here.. :D

There once was a guy named Murphy and he devised rules for almost everything in life and got a chuckle from most who tried to obey.

There were Murphy's Military Laws, Murphy's Love Laws, Murphy's Sex Laws and Murphy's Technology Laws...

But he never got into scale modeling leaving many of us without direction in pulling together our creations.

Then along came Murfie...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Modelling RAF Tornado Gr1 - Desert Storm - Pods Loadout

Back again with a minuscule update on this build.

Been busy the last couple of days and i only manage to complete a small portion of the build and this time the pods loadout.

This will be hanged on all the hard-points under the Tornado.

These missiles are still not "cleaned" as apparent by some of the flash and melted plastics that oozed out from the joins are not properly removed.

I'll get to it later.

for the time being... only 1 photo to spark the interest

p/s: it seems that the Photo Editor i used ATM doesn't produced a good image for me.. will need to find atlernatives.. been using PhotoScape. Maybe its jus me not properly know on how to use it.. heeerrrr

Monday, November 22, 2010

Modelling RAF Tornado Gr1 - Desert Storm - Part 1

Been busy the last couple of days, and this is where i'm at with this project as of last nite 10pm.

Most of the major assemblies are done and attached to the fuselage.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Building MiniHobby AAV-7A1 with EAAK (Part 8 - FINAL) - COMPLETED


(All the Previous AAVP-7A1 build can be seen HERE. )

This is it, finally this build is completed last night.

After a few months of tinkering and adjusting and building the AAVP-7A1, i finally can claim another addition to my display cabinet at home.

This AAVP already being submitted (the photo only for a "virtual"entry) to the Group Build committee and the event will be held tomorrow. So if anyone is in town tomorrow, do give them a visit at HHQ.

I learned a lot in the progress of building this model and noted that this is my first time building it with a dio-base.. pretty awesome step and i'll continue doing this in the future, no doubt about it.. :D

If anyone need more information on this build, please ask away either in the shoutbox or leave a comments, i'll promptly answer any questions wherever i can.. :D

More photos below...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Modelling RAF Tornado Gr1 - Desert Storm - It Begins

And it begins...

The Countdown to Dateline
Daisypath Vacation tickers

the rush is ON to beat the deadline at January 15, 2010 for the Desert Storm Group Build

The resources for my this build can be view in THIS ENTRY.
just to recap, i'll be building this Tornado GR-1 "Gulf Killer" stationed in Tabuk AirBase Saudi Arabia

What i've did so far:

  1. Wash the sprue tree
  2. Paint the cockpit tube - using H335
  3. Paint the Instrument Panel (IP)
Will continue with this, will update regularly as i progressed with the build

kuman out - version 3 in Progress

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Building MiniHobby AAV-7A1 with EAAK (Part 7) - Rolled Canvas

UPDATES: PART 7 (Rolled Canvas)

(All the Previous AAVP-7A1 build can be seen HERE. )

The last few days, i've been busy giving my AAV-7A1 its finishing touches to make it ready for the Group Build on November 20, 2010 (this ENTRY)

 This entry we'll be making Rolled Canvas

The Raw material:

  1. Facial tissue - as the canvas
  2. White glue - to hold the shape
  3. Masking tape - strap

  • - Shape the tissue to a tube (if want to make it rolled) or fold it normally (if you want to make it as a folded canvas)
  • - I did both, and then use the masking tape as a strap.
  • - Dilute the white glue with water and then brush it on the canvas.

  • - Let it dry and then apply base color for it, flat coat it, do a "wash" and you done...


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Building MiniHobby AAV-7A1 with EAAK (Part 6) - Accessories

UPDATES: PART 6 (Wooden Pallet)

(All the Previous AAVP-7A1 build can be seen HERE. )

The last few days, i've been busy giving my AAV-7A1 its finishing touches to make it ready for the Group Build on November 20, 2010 (this ENTRY)

So, as a progress, i've finish creating a wooden pallet to put on the tank as to show that its carrying a lot of load & supplies for the troops.

All were created from scratch using only :
  1. plastic-sheet, (for the wooden pallet)
  2. normal gauze, (for netting)
  3. some white glue, (to make everything stay in place)
  4. some masking tape (as strap)
  5. some fine wire (as barbwire)
  6. some capacitors from broken Power Supply (for the drums)

First the completed wooden pallet:

Friday, November 12, 2010

The upcoming Amphibian Group Build (November 20th, 2010)

To help promote the event, i hereby post the Amphibian Group Build (AGB) 2010
which will be held next week November 20, 2010.

Event: Amphibian (Katak) Group Build 2010
Venue: Hobby HQ, KL
Date: November 20th, 2010
Time: 10am ~ 5pm

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Resources for Model - RAF Tornado Gr1 - Desert Storm

As the title indicate, this is an entry for my next modelling project

The RAF Tornado GR-1 "Gulf Killer" from the 20th Squadron of Tabuk Airbase Saudi Arabia.

Deployed for Operation Desert Storm in 1991.

This build is to give support to the local modelling society Group Build: Operation Desert Storm which will be held in January 2011. A few months away and the time is not on my side..

Monday, November 08, 2010

Proton Inspira ads inpired by Scale Modeller?

Note to all Scale Modellers..

it seems that  somehow the printed Proton Inspira ads got its influence from our sprue-tree that we're already too familiar with.

Just dont get any funny idea to try and print out the ads and try to make a papercraft model out of the ads...

the dimension are wrong ehheh

in Modeller world, if this is an actual kit, we would refer this as a Zhengdefu brand :D

kuman out - Version 3 in progress...

Friday, November 05, 2010

Building MiniHobby AAV-7A1 with EAAK (Part 5)

English Mode: ON

(kuman: a little bit more about my hobby ya.. :))

Part 1 of the build. 
Part 2 of the build
Part 3 of the build 
Part 4 of the build

Part 5:

Another round of updates guys...

the build is closing to the end already  (but not quite)

i heed the advise of some of you guys to really make the track dirty.
So i make some adjustment and below is the result so far..

and the tank is glued to the base already.... no turning back now..

The VERY MUDDY track.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Building MiniHobby AAV-7A1 with EAAK (Part 4)

English Mode: ON

(kuman: a little bit more about my hobby ya.. :))

Part 1 of the build. 
Part 2 of the build
Part 3 of the build 

Part 4:

Moving along
now i update a lil bit the base since i'm not quite satisfied with the previous result.
it looks to bare and too clean..

also note that i also added a few tree (mock-up tree of course).

This tree will be painted soon since to make it match the scale of the whole base.

Akibat mencuri selipar jepun....

AKu dapat dari email aku jugak nih (It Came From Email)
Mari rehatkan minda


Al-kisah.... . adalah satu kampung ni..nama kampung
ni Kampung Pinang 18 Batang. kat kampung ni orang
ramai idup aman dan bahagia.

Dalam kampung yang aman ni... ada la sorang laki ni.

Nama dia Ali(nama sebenar). Ali ni orang gila kat kampung
ni. So... ramai la yang pandang slag kat dia.
Ramai la yang suka memainkan dia.. nak dijadikan

Pada suatu hari...

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

testing buat animated small banner with Photoscape.....

testing testing...

saja aku test buat animated banner dengan photoscape
hasil dari ubah kedudukan 1 gambar ajer maka dapat lah seperti berikut.. :D

hasil dari banner ni..

back to your regular BWalking :)

Akhirnya Cik Ti tewas ...

Pada yang dok ikut blog aku nih sure ada baca pasai opis aku diserang cencurut kan?
Nak refresh baca sini..

So akhirnya pagi tadi, tewas lah sidah Cik Ti di tangan "gam tikus".

Rupanya bukan  cencurut, tapi tikus rumah yang agak besar.

mengikut kata encik Rentokil tadi, tertangkapnya seekor kumpulan Cik Ti nih,
kami harus expect serangan kedua dari geng-geng Cik Ti ni yang tak berpuas hati sebab kawan mereka tertangkap & possibly terkorban.

Warkah Sedih Seorang Bapa….

Dah lama dah kisah nih, tapi tiap kali aku baca tiap kali tu juga air mata rasa bertakung.
Tak berniat untuk melukakan hati sesapa cuma berkongsi kisah yang amat menyayat hati dan luahan sedih seorang bapa.

Aku dapat nih dari email aku rasanya beberapa bulan yang lepas. 
Agak panjang tapi sangat menyayat hati..

Al-fatihah untuk baby Alesha Abriza.
A'kum w.b.t...
               Setelah bertarung dengan penyakit yang secara purata pengidapnya hanya dapat bertahan setakat 2 minggu selepas dilahirkan (hypophosphatasia-komplikasi dengan kandungan kalsium dalam tulang belakang), akhirnya perjuangan Alesha Abriza, satu-satunya permata hatiku berakhir sebaik sahaja azan subuh 13 Mei 2006 (15 Rabiulakhir 1427) berakhir.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tulisan di langit: aku experience dulu..

Pada tahun 1992 (exact date aku tak ingat),

aku sendiri experience nampak tulisan di langit nih.

Seingat aku masa tu blackout kat asrama sekolah aku tu, so kebanyakan pelajar akan lepak kat tengah-tengah block atas court badminton tu sambil sembang-sembang (sbb tak leh nak study).
Tengah lepask-lepak tu, ada sorang pelajar cakap...

"Weh!! awan ada tulisan Allah!! tengok tu!!" sambil tuding kat langit.
Bila aku tengok memang itu la yang aku nampak. Macam tayangan slide bertukar-tukar dilangit.

Domain Giveaway from

Tag 5 Orang Kawan BLOGGERS


Good Luck to me dan semua yg dah di tag.. 

SESAPA yang TAK di TAG pun boleh amik gak.. jom try
try je bukan salah pun .. :D

Monday, November 01, 2010

Cencurut menyerang opis.. beware..!!

Tadi staff-staff wanita kecoh satu opis sebab semua bekalan makanan dalam laci abis dirobek si cencurut...

nampak macam digigit lipas rupanya cencurut sebab disahkan dengan penemuan najis berselerakan..

So tadi semua orang buat 5S kat laci meja masing-masing dah buang semua yg terlibat...
tetambah pulak ada laci yg turut menjadi bilik air pada cencurut nih..

Aku pun ada gak notice biskut aku ada lubang kecik, tapi aku tak makan la biskut tu.

Lepas pada tu berbagai-bagai teori diutarakan
dan sorang Manager nih suggest supaya kita act natural...
sebab cencurut nih tak boleh kita marah,
kalau kita marah lagi la dia bermaharajalela.

So semua act natural ajerla....
ni boss jepun tak tau lagi.
Kalau depa tau srue depa akan haramkan makan kat dalam opis.. naya la camtu..

walaubagaimanapun, pihak Rentokil pest control dah dihubungi dan akan singgah petang karang untuk process pencegahan..

tengok la nanti camno pulak...

Ahh and staff yang mana pakai uniform yang macam baju kurung tu, tadi semua dah tukar pakai seluar... ehheh takut cencurut naik kain.... :D0

November Rain: Guns & Roses (Song of The Moment Series)

Its only appropriate if we start this morning with the song from Guns & Roses: November Rain for this edition of Song Of The Moment Series

Since now its November, and its Raining out.

Nih memang lagu favourite aku off all time.

so enjoy the song and nyanyi sama sbb ada lirik kat bawah...

Bermalasan sebelum beradu..Survivor Micronesia: Baru keluar TV?

Nih aku bermalasan sessi malam pulak.
ingat nak beradu awal la kononnya,

alih alih aku tekan ch107 (NTV7), ada pulak baru start cerita Survivor Micronesia (Fans Vs Favourites).

Aku ingatkan yg baru, rupa-rupanya dah lama dah...
nih Survivor 16 dan disiarkan pada tahun 2008... dah 2 tahun yg lepas dah.

Sekarang dah Survivor 21: NIcaragua dah...
dulu aku memang fan Survivor nih.. tapi bila dah banyak kali , jadi muak la pulak

Tapi TV kat Malaysia memang jarang siarkan sampai habis pun Survivor nih dan tak consistent, so itu adalah antara sebab pasai pa aku tak follow sangat dah.

Yg baru aku tengok kat TV tadi pun dah lama so semangat nak tengok mmg takde.

So nampaknya aku kena beradu dulu la...
harap-harap esok tak ler terbawa-bawa mood bermalasan yg sepanjang hari nih :)

Baca lagi pasai Survivor ni kat Wikipedia Survivor-, tapi ingat senarai pemenang pun ada kat sana.. so pada sesapa yg rasa nak follow Survivor Micronesia nih.. jgn click.. :)
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