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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #1

- Scale Model stuff in Muzium Negara...
..... coming soon.... :o)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Radio Topic: How/What do you feel if FB was destroyed...

This morning on the way to work, Fly-FM "Rock" Crew throw this question to all the listeners...

How/What do you feel if FB was destroyed...
(From Google)
 for me personally i dont mind, maybe because i dont own a FB account (suprise..suprise). I'm just too busy with my Hobby, work & family to have a FB account. But i do think that FB is a good social tools (if used properly and not get addicted too much to it). 

I can imagine some of my friend who owns FB might go berserk if FB was destroyed.. even if the internet connection in the office got interuption for 5 minutes resulted in they cannot update/open FB, they will be harassing the IT Department like mad.... let alone it got destroyed.... aduhai... sure pening satu office...

anyway just my take on the topic from the Radio again this morning...

till later..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Radio Topic: Thing you should not do on a public transportation...

This actually a delayed blog from me, the topic above is actually being discussed IIRC Monday morning in my favorite radio show on the road to work FLY-FM Pagi "Rock" Crew...

first an introduction why i create this topic..

i drive to work every morning altough my office is just 15-minutes away, being in the car is the only time i can listen to radio (other time i'll be watching TV and doing computer stuff). Anyway.. during my time on the road, i listen to the radio and FLY-FM fills my morning needs for laughter just nicely. Before this i listen to Phat-Fabes & Ben + Nadia in the morning but now Phat-Fabes & Ben handling the evening show (which i also enjoyed listening while on the road returning home) and the morning session now handled by Nadia (always being bullied hahaha), Hafiz & Prem. And their frequency over here is 89.9FM (from Penang).

anyway.. last monday they discussed this topic on thing that you should not do on public transportation.
As usual their lines always busy to i think i need to share it on my blog instead...

For the thing that "you should not do in public transportation" are....

1. do not talk on the phone so loudly like there no one around you (1 caller actually said the same thing, and i have to agree with her).
 I dont want to know what your friend ate yesterday during sahur/berbuka/didnt eat.  it just plain annoying... but SMS is ok.. provided its on vibrate more....

(from Google)
 2. Dont fart: doesnt matter if its not smelly or with some silencer or sound like a violin or an atomic bomb... just NO FART allowed on public transportation.

(from Google)
 3. Dont sleep so soundly that your head will "lentok" on the people sitting right next to you... and it will be worst if you have those "air liur basi" drippling all over... aduhai.....

(from google)
 4. Dont pick your "gold mine".. in fact dont pick it even in your car... another people in the car infornt of you might saw this from their rear-view mirror and might lead to some other nasty consequences...( for example.. wondering what they'll do with the ""gold", might get honked due to not paying attention to the green traffic light etc.)

i'll post any other topic i heard on air and share my view here.. (since getting through to the radio station lines is a no go) 
thats it for now.... till later

Friday, August 05, 2011

M1A1 Abrams - Battle Of the Rumalyah Oilfields: Completed

MBT M1A1 Abrams - Battle Of the Rumalyah Oilfields

Main battle tank of the US Army during the Battle of the Rumalyah Oilfields in March 2nd, 1991.
This model was completed at around June 2011 and participated in the SMM2011 in KL.

 The base kit is from Dragon with the scale of 1/35 of the actual tank size (approx), and this was completed with the sand color as it was used in the said battle.

 Again this has been a straight-forward build as this kit has very minimal issue in construction. I kept the weathering to the very minimal since i'm still learning on how to properly weather a tank resulted in a not so accurate representation of the tank in that battle (which suppose to be a very USED and dirty tank).

More photo below..

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

WIP: 1/35 Russia KV-1 Ekhranami (Part 1)

I'm back this time trying to complete this long-overdue tanks which was suppose to be completed back in 2008 for a Soviet Group Build.

A kit by Trumpeter which i bought it from previous Miniature Hobby location in Mid-Valley way back when i just started this hobby. (Miniature Hobby is no more, they ceased operation a few months back)

This kit gives you 2 options for track-link; if you feel adventurous and up to the challenge (as i did...bad mistake but fun nonetheless); you can make use of the seperate link track where you need to glue every piece one-by-one. Tedious but worth it. OR you can use the vinyl track, an easy way out and will make for a fast & quick build.

Anyway... moving on.. :o)

The box art: (if i can get it to be a quarter of the box art image finishing; i'll be happy)
This is the where i left this project at last time

 More WIP after the jump below

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