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Friday, September 26, 2008

Nostalgic Past: Part Three


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Ok ler kengkawan..
aku rasa this is the best picture of us from the class... except not everyone is present in the class that time thus only setengah jer yg ada...

i have a feeling that this picture is close to the SPM exam already since everyone is so relaks jer...(pelik kan.. patutnya dekat nak exam kena la tense... kami bleh rilek lak ahhaha)

so... ini saja la untuk this week.. nanti sebelum raya i'll update a few more...

stay tuned kengkawan....

p/s: sesapa yg letak komen tuh trima kasih...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nostalgic Past : Part 2

Nostalgic Past : Part 2

Another round of update....

- The following pictures are taken at exactly 16 years ago today on September 25, 1992 (technically still have a few more hours to be exact.. since this functions was at night)
- Note the date on the picture right-bottom.
- If i remember correctly this was during the Raya dinner organized by MRSM Ps
- So guys... laugh away..

jangan Lupa komen ekk...

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picture tagging: nazrol, roy, min (at the back), yours truly, mail cromok,hamka (yg tengah laloq)
tagging: min, shah songeh, awi, me, roy, gaza, nazrol

Nostalgic past: 16 years ago Part1:


Since the last couple of days, me and a couple of my friends (ex-classmates actually) are getting back in contact via the wonderful-world of sms and emails... and a lot of fond memories are being brought back including :
- a lot of pranks (rina vs mercun tarik, Liz vs rubbish throwing, HAG vs buah nyiok),
- jokes (a lot... a lot of jokes) ,
- name calling ( i dont think its appropriate now but.. sendiri mau ingat laa) ,
- punishments (for being the most social class ever - dang those seniors!!!),
- sudden outburst (errr. Teratak Ilmu incident hahahah - sorry ekk...)
- class wide protest (class vs Chemistry teacher vs name calling - resulted in a terrible SPM result!!)
- personality issue (pemalu then vs outspoken now)
- alim vs social (all mixed up in 1 class)
- JDP vs "normal citizen" (Gaza & Meen - not Fahmin ok)
just to name a few..

and some of us havent meet each other since the last 16 years we left our school back in 1992 (after SPM)... only heard a few rumours flying here and there such as...

- a sudden demise of fellow friend due to motorbike accident..
- classmates marrying each other
- one goes to Mars... (sorry... heheh)

again just to name a few...

- most of us already marrried and have a few kids and "still" 1 wife (for starters)..
- some are a fulltime career man & women (..hint..hint..)
- some still looking for that Mr Right...
- some already committed to a Mr Right and Ms. Right...
so guys.. enough of my flashback...

The Photo above is to jolt everyone memory of that day when we're in high school close to Padang Besar called MRSM Perlis some 16 years ago....
Next will be a VERY nostalgic picture taken 16 years ago today (Sept, 25, 1992)... in my next update in a bit...
Enjoy and laugh together-gether..

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It Came From Email : Part Two

Another round of things that pop-up in my inbox the other day from a friend of mine...

this is road sign again read with caution and laugh...


Monday, September 08, 2008

It came from email : Part One

A good portion of things that make our day in the morning came from the Emails... and i received this in my inbox a couple of days back... a very good this as well and its titled

"Kenapa Aku Anti Motorsikal"

Its in Bahasa Malaysia, so just enjoy it and dot get any wrong idea with it. Treat it as a light reading materials...

you have been warned!!..


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