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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Supernatural Season 7 - Season Finale with a BANG!!

Just finish watching Season 7 Finale!!...

all i can is that bring ON Season 8... :D

Season 7 end with a bang and can wait to see how Dean survives Purgatory and how Sam handles the lonesome after being screwed by Crowley....

Season 8 has been confirm and i cant wait for it sometime in Dec 2012 (my estimation of course)...

to whom that havent watch the series... you should..  :D

until next season....

p/s: Congratulation to Kelantan and Hafiz AF on winning their own respective events tonight as well.. :D


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sugar can make you dumb...

This is interesting...

saw this on the front page of THE SUN newspaper this morning..
research (on rats) shows that eating too much sugar can reduce your brainpower but adding an omega-3 fatty acids (from fresh sardines [not those in the can sardine that we used to have here], salmon, flax seeds & walnuts) can help reduce the damage. Again as conducted on lab rats...

read the full article below as per scanned from todays (May 17, 2012) The Sun newspaper.

 Your health tips for today :o) and better watch those sugar dont want to forget what you learned last night :o)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Klinik yang tak tepati masa..

Waktu buka:
"Malam: 8:00pm ~ 10pm"

So aku pun mai la jam 8:00pm (sebab takut mai lambat orang ramai la pulak), ada la 3 orang yang dok tunggu nak jumpa doc.. lepas register aku lepak kat waiting-bench.. tunggu punya tunggu... jam dah jam 9:15pm... orang ramai dah mencecah 20 orang.. tapi doc. pangkal rambut pun tak nampak lagi.. bila tanya kat kaunter dia kata doc OTW..  dah lebih 1jam 15 minit aku tunggu OTW lagi.. baik jangan buka klinik camni..

ada makcik sorang tu kata... kalau nak mati memang dah mati pun sebab tunggu.

So jam memcecah jam 9:30pm, aku berangkat keluar dengan rasa tak puas hati.. aku p ke klinik lain. Ntah jam brapa la doc tu sampai... bayangkan masa jam 9:30 org dah ada 20 org patients, sempat ka dalam 30 minit nak check semua!!

baik waktu buka kat pintu tu ditukar ke

" Waktu Buka:
Malam: bila time doc. mai ~ jam 10:00pm"

baru la tak baran sangat!!.

klinik tu ubatnya memang ok and doc. yang bertugas memang baik and check betul-betul.. tapi tang bab punctualiti ni yang sangat menghairankan...

ikut cakap kawan aku.. mmg itu la modus-operandi klinik tu pada waktu malam... pelik pelik..

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pendrive files and folders changed to shortcut

A few of my collegue experiencing this before with their pendrive where all the files and fodlers in the pendrive became a list of shortcut that leads to nowherere. This a virus that actually hide all the files and folders and create a shortcut instead. I'm not too sure what its called but it has resulted in a few people having to re-type their assignments and term papers.

Some shop (that my friend send the pendrive to have it checked) resorted to a rather nasty way to remove it via formating thus resulted in the lost of all the files in the pendrive. Upon a quick search in the internet, we can easily recover the files and eliminating the shortcut files from the pendrive.

One such link is this page, fix-external-flash-drive-files-changed-to-shortcuts-virus, a very nice and step by step way to recover the file.

basically you need to go to Command Prompt (the black screen) via START - RUN - type "cmd"

and on the screen just type the following and refering it to your pendrive drive, in my example the pendrive is drive J:

the command will be as follows:
attrib -h -r -s /s /d j:*.*
press ENTER

give it a few seconds to execute and then walla... you'll see all your files in the pendrive again.

pretty sweet and sure beats reformating the pendrive

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Using ampersand (&) in MS Access

I've been tinkering with MS Access programming for years but i often find it annoying that a label in MS Access (at least in Access 2003 and below) we cannot use the (& - ampersand) straight away. A simple task really but if you dont know how to do it, it becomes very trivial, isnt it?

If you use the (&) straight away, you'll end-up with an underscore on the word after the (&) for example; &Update would resulted in Update a shortcut to Alt+U.

So just thought i share (although it should be a very fundamental know-how for every system developer) we can use && straight away to show the "&" in our label.

An example; you wanted to show M&U so you should type M&&U (noted the double &), else if you just type M&U you would have MU instead (noted the underline "U")

a simple thing really, just thought i share it...

eh today is suppose to be a "Wordless Wednesday"!!!
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