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Thursday, August 07, 2008

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Funniest radio in Malaysia

i was driving to work on Tuesday morning when i tuned to Hitz.FM morning crew with Rudy and JJ..... man these guys are really funny...:))

they aired their gotcha when they call their mechanics (Murali IIRC) and said that their car brake didnt work... with all the sound effect etc you can really feel the "panicness" in the Mechanic voice when he received the call and his loyal customer with this problem...

Man!! that is 1 funny stuff.. i have to stop my car on the side of the road because i'm laughing so hard thta my stomach almost burst and tear also come running from my eyes.... the hardest laugh i have in months :))

syabas guys.... u guys really earn the title... The Funniest Guys On Radio..

and i've been tuning to these guys in the morning... every morning.... they really put a smile in people face...

and i heard that they're coming to Penang this weekend (Saturday 080808) Queensbay Mall 12pm - 3pm....

coincidently i'll be in Queensbay aswell meeting up with some friends.. maybe will drop and congrates them personally... :))

oh their site


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