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Friday, June 25, 2010

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Coloring hazard!!

The wonderful world of "short" color pencils.

The above came from my daughter school bag, since i make a "sport" (noted - SPORT not SPOT) check in her bag looking for her missing hair clip.
I thought might as well just take a peek inside her color pencil box.

Those mixed color of different brand is due to friend borrowing her color and never return the right one back to her.

As for the length of the color, resulted from the excessive use of sharpener.. no wonder the color pencil maker can live with just doing stationary. They became so short as the shortest being around 1.3cm and i have to sharpen it using a cutting-knife... a real pain!!

I can foresee a request to a stationary shop in the very near weekend as to replenish her needs for color pencil as obviously from the above............

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