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Saturday, October 29, 2011

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WIP: British Challenger 2 MBT Op. Telic (Part 4) - 1/35 Jersey Barrier

in this entry, i'll explain on how i create the 1/35 Jersey Barrier (K-Rail) usually found on road construction or on some checkpoints or as a barricade. There're resin equivalent out there but i thought i would try to scratch-build some first and see how it fair with the resin counterparts.

the measurement i got off internet (from and i scale it down to 1/35 scale, so below is the measurement as i calculated.

 Armed with a ruler and a plastics sheet, i draw the measurement on the plastic sheet and come up with this drawing in 1/35 scale (approximation applies).

 Make sure you use a new blade for cutting process and be careful not to cut you fingers, since they are irreplaceable. Anyway, after the cutting and with some glue (i found that using the cheap ABS Glue yield a very good bond between the plastic sheet, compared to other glue), here is the basic shape of the jersey barrier.

 and remember to cover the opening on both end of the barrier, since the cutout i present above will left you with an open-ended jersey barrier.

To give it some texture, i sparingly wipe on some industrial thinner on the surface and left it there for a few second before using an old toothbrush and at and angle of 45deg perpendicular to the surface i make a random "jabbing-motion" and here is the result.

 Alternatively, you can use Mr Surfacer 500 and spray it at a distance, this will help create a rough texture on the surface of the barrier (i really need to test this next).

Now i got a few more barrier to make and i "might" cast this as well for future project...

oh.. also need to clean the edges as well since not all jersey Barrie have sharp edges like mine. :)

Here are some completed barrier (minus the paint) and how it scale up to my Challenger 2.

Next, "washing" the tank with turpentine and oil paints also need to paint the barrier.. that will be next...

if more information needed, do left a comment.


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