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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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a new page - JOOMLA Stuff -

As some already notices, i'm revamping my Scale Modelling site (previously at and moving it to my own domain ( And during this migration process i'm learning to use Joomla 1.7 as i go a long.

If you go to my site now, some of the stuff will be changing and will be updated as i migrate stuff from the old site. I created a new PAGE in here is to list out what plugins/module that i'm using in creating my new site.

Below is the link to my new page... Joomla Stuff

 I'll update it as i add more stuff to my new site.. this blog will feature the WIP (Work In Progress) of my scale modeling stuff as it will be linked from my new site.

Stay tune for more update soon.. :D

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Ummi Hanie said...

salam bro,

lama xnmpk dan xdgr cerita !

dah melangkah maju setapak lg ke depan ... :)

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