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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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Forces spéciales (Special Forces) - war is hell....

Last night while everyone else in Malaysia is busy watching the final episode of a cheeky drama series "Vanilla Cokelat", i was watching this movie in my "man-cave"...

It is a french adventure war movie, i usually will give a foreign language movie a miss but the premises of this movie makes me want to watch it (i'm a sucker for a war movie like this). This movie centers around a rescue mission to save a kidnapped French journalist from a "rogue-Taliban" extremist. (Remember that this is a foreign movie so please ignore the typical-bad-guy-from-Afghanistan-Taliban thing and enjoy the movie as it is).

I for one enjoyed the movie and the heroism portrayed by the Special Forces "could" bring a tears or two from the audience.

Go find the movie and watch it as it is.. and for any military-modeler-buff out there, you will be able to catch a glimpse of a few military hardware (not the typical US made) such as the NH-90 Helicopter, Tiger HAP helicopter, the Super Frelon, the Charles de Gaulle  aircraft carrier and the Mirage 2000. I might missed a few but sure nice to see another hardware from another nation.

anyway, if you find a .mkv version; use VLC Media player to watch it :o)

more on the movie Forces Speciales wiki


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