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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

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Using ampersand (&) in MS Access

I've been tinkering with MS Access programming for years but i often find it annoying that a label in MS Access (at least in Access 2003 and below) we cannot use the (& - ampersand) straight away. A simple task really but if you dont know how to do it, it becomes very trivial, isnt it?

If you use the (&) straight away, you'll end-up with an underscore on the word after the (&) for example; &Update would resulted in Update a shortcut to Alt+U.

So just thought i share (although it should be a very fundamental know-how for every system developer) we can use && straight away to show the "&" in our label.

An example; you wanted to show M&U so you should type M&&U (noted the double &), else if you just type M&U you would have MU instead (noted the underline "U")

a simple thing really, just thought i share it...

eh today is suppose to be a "Wordless Wednesday"!!!

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