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Monday, June 06, 2016

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Malaysia Scale Hobby Show (MSHS) 2016

The 1st ever International South East Asia Scale Hobby Show ended yesterday (June 4 ~ 5, 2016) and it was a huge success in my view :). A big Kudos to the organizer and all the participants.
Held at Cititel Hotel Penang for the 2 days.

I was there on Saturday and it was a lot of fun and got to "put-the-name-to-the-faces" from all the WhatsApp and forum groups :o)

I'll snapped a few photos and will need to sort through and will share them below and also in my site  (a bit later)

The handpainted Hind camo!!

The crowd at around 1045am

..and they said DURIANs is not allowed in hotel.. yet someone is eating it in plain sight of everyone :o). Zoom in to see the durian.

The crowd in the afternoon during the Demo session

Those rotors are spinning and the interior lighted..

zoom to see "Megan Fox" in action.. more on this later.

and a pair of DORA guarding the entrance

Another durian
MIG-21 of the world. The owner said he should have bring more if he had enough space to bring it with  :o)

AMK MIG-31... this got me sold and at 25% off i cannot resist...

TUDM workhorse.... 

Kinetic SU-33... wish they have the kit on sale as well.. :) ..

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