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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

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1/48 Academy F-15E - WIP #1

Its been a while since i last update my Work In Progress in here.
For this round its a 1/48 Academy F-15E with weapon aircraft.

This build will be placed under: 1/48 Academy F-15e label
and also will be in my site: when its done :o)

The construction started back in May 2016 and after a few session of build now i'm at the final stage before the decal.  So below i share some of the photos the construction process up to where i'm now.

The build is straight forward, after the Surfacer 1000 treatment, i begins with the painting of the exhaust silverish steps. The way i paint it:
1. Gloss black (i use Tamiya)
2. Gaianotes Bright Silver
3. Future

Also at this step, i start my newbie pre-shades.. not too sure how much will be visible after the painting process later.

Then i masked off the silver part to proceed with the general paint steps.

for this kit, the canopy have a nasty seamline that need to be take care off... so i proceed to sand it off and the polish it up with Tamiya polishing compound and a dip into Future, its done.

Up Next:
- Weapons, Painting & Future

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