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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

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1/35 Italeri Tiger (P) Elefant: WIP#2- Paint & Wash & decal

This build will be placed under: 1/35 Italeri Tiger(P) Elefant
and also will be in my site: when its done :o)

After i completed the camo painting, noted that i still need to touch-up the camo.

But me being impatience, decided to flat coat the model and went straight to wash and decal (ideally should be decal then wash).

 i'm doing wash by using the Tamiya Panel Line accent (brown & black) and using oil paint (raw umber & black) with Zippo fluid.

with all this washes, i might need to redo it after the decal and after i touch-up the camo... repetitive work which can be avoided if i'm a bit patience....

Decal is next:
This being a very old kit, the decal decided to disintegrate upon contact with water.. so i end up with a meticulous work of placing the decal in a puzzle style. In bit and pieces and with the help of a tweezer. The end result is as follows:

I suppose this is *maybe* ok since in the field this might happen... right? (me trying to justify the bits and pieces i put together :lol:)

This should be it for now.
next the touch-up of the camo.... and another wash..

BTW: i also begin working on a F-14A Jolly Rogers, will up the WIP soon.
until then.. :)

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