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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Home » Almost involved with an accident!!

Almost involved with an accident!!

phew that was close!!

it happened last night when i was on my way back home. At this junction to my house, i was about to make a right turn into the junction, i gave signal and as i was taking my turn suddenly a kid on bicycle emerges from the cover and i have to stop in the middle of the road to let him pass (or else i might "bulldozed" him), as i hit the brake an ice lorry coming straight at me with a very high speed and was about to hit me.. so i put on gear and push the pedal to the metal making a high screetching sound at the tire and hear my engine roar. and at the same time the lorry also hitting his brake with also the screething sound and left a 2 meters skid mark of burning rubber on the road.

He manage to stop and i manage to avoid hitting the kid and accident adverted.

But didnt end there, the lorry driver followed me and prompted me to stop, lucky for me i stopped in my neighbourhood so all the neighbour come and gather around to see whats happening.

So he stayed in his lorry and cursing away, i feel that if not because of the neighbours around, he might wallop me or something since i'm alone and he's with a friend in the lorry.

SO to settle the problem, i just apologize to him and thank god nothing crazy happened. and also thanks to the neighbour for being there.

case closed.

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