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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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F-16C Aggressor

F-16C Aggressor "Lizard Scheme"

So another round of modelling madness and few first thing for me also.

The below set of work were completed last week and a few achievement were made ini the process of painting the model.

a) First freehand camo (no masking used)
b) First time using a less thinner in the paint mixing process.
c) First time to truly use Photoshop Elements 7 to edit the picture (all those borders etc)

As of last night, the model already going through a "Future" bath in preparation for the decal application which "hopefully" will begins tonight if i can get a break from watching TV (CSI Miami Season Finale is tonight).

The model will appear a bit shiny, but i'm sure a coat of Flat Coat later on (after the decal) will cover the shining thing.

That is all for today, be right back later..

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Honeyvsbee said...

Salam ziarah. .huhux. . Dah follow awk skali. .

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