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Friday, January 29, 2010

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Eat those Oats:Muesli Biscuits

Grocery shopping yesterday, and see this new biscuits on the shelf.
Since the biscuits that i normally have at home (which if from another kind) is about to expired (why i buy a close to expiry date thing is another story); i thought i give this a try.

Upon tasting the biscuit, i fall in love with the taste. Full with those "muesli" stuff + oats etc and very filling i must add. In the big package they have 10 individually pack biscuit (which i think a trend that need to be standardize for ease of handling); very convenience indeed.

But the problem is, i cant stop at just 1 pack... last nite alone i end up eating 4 packs in 1 sitting, maybe i was hungry due to an early dinner of Laksa i have earlier or maybe i just trying to stay awake at 12am after a session of Dragon Age Origins (DAO). And speaking of DAO; last nite only a short session due to the extreme sleepiness that i literally doze of infront of the monitor (i guess the 4 packs of biscuits didnt help me stay awake at all) :lol:

anyway, try this biscuit and share your thought.

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