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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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5 Best Drinks to keep you going..

5 Best Drinks To Keep You Going Through The Night

i was browsing for some article related to Coffee and Apples when i "accidently" click on the this link entitled "5 best Drinks to Keep You Going.."

I find it useful for people who need to stay up all night doing their hobby etc.
Like me for example, where i only got to do my Scale Modelling Hobby during the wee hours of the night since that is the best time i got to enjoy building my models.

But personally going through the list i found that coffee can no longer can keep me awake... maybe due to the facts that my system is pretty much saturated with caffeine thus rendering introducing more caffeine into the system ineffective (eventhough i only consume caffeine related drinks once a day, in the morning, in the office).

Coke also of no use to me, i think the last time i consume a bottle of coke is a a friends house months ago.. so not going to start having some so soon and the thought of drinking it in the middle of the night might in turn be bad for the teeth :lol:

Going down the list, i think at the end a bottle of Mineral water is what works for me during the midnight hours... but of course need to have a steady supply of it else for sure will fall asleep like nobody business....

Let see if i can convince some of my friends to at least try to have mineral water during their modelling session since i know most of them is a part time hobbyist like me......

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