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Monday, February 08, 2010

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F-16C Aggressor (Decal)

F-16C Aggressor (Decal Process)

Another round of updates!! this time decal..

i saw that this is going to be a problem for me..
since 2bobs decided to use multiple layer decal-style....
they even have 3 layers of decal to be place on-top one another (backing - decal - another decal) which i'll show much later on..

but first to test the decal i try on the tail fin.. this side only have 2 layers..

so this is how i do it.. hopefully its the right way..

1. prep the surface with Future (as normal)
2. when dry, i put Mr Setter.
3. Put the decal (of course after soaking it with warm water)
4. use Mr Softer.
5. gently use future on top of the decal to set it in place and let dry in preparation of the next decal layer.
6. when the first decal is set (the future dried), i put my setter again.
7. repeat step 1 - 5.

so the result as follows...

in the next updates, i'll show the Mr Softer, Mr Setter and Future for reference..

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