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Thursday, March 17, 2011

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My Version: The story of a Malware Attack : Part Uno...

This is my version of the Malware Attack Story that this blog experience a couple of days back.
(Click on the image to see the bigger version of it)

A few visitor alerted me of the "Blood Screen" warning like below from Mozilla..

i really have to praise them for being so brave and click the "Ignore This Warning" to enter my blog and alerted me via my SHoutbox... thank you very much!!.

Anyway, after i noticed about this i scourge the web trying to find an answer to whats happening this is when i find a link to use Google Webmaster Tool to detect the fault in my blog. Once you login to the tools page (using your Google Account),you need to "add" you blog to the Manage list and also you need to verify that the blog is yours by inserting 1 meta code in your header and then the Tools will do it thing.

After that the page will list out the possible "malware" existed in your blog like below..

As evident from the result i got this one link that causing all the problems, and all i have to do is find that "pesky" little link and remove it from my blog.

Then request a review from Google Webmaster Tools, within a few hours. If you no longer see the "Blood Screen" then you're ok.. else got something else in your blog.

For the "something else", i'll try to explain a bit in my next entry...

Tools used so far:
1. Google Webmaster Tools
2. Mozilla
3. Blogspot

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Ce'gu JAERA said...

thanx for the info. sharing is caring

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