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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

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Kumanworks - got updated now with VisualSlideshow 1.5

Finally after a long wait and many model built, i finally got the chance to update my modelling website with some layout enhancement.
kumanworks on the web
My website is located at

I started to use VisualSlideshow 1.5 (Free version) to show my Completed Gallery.

This can be view in my AAVP7A1 Completed page (click me to go there directly)

I'm planning to continue this trend throughout my website updates from now on and see how that goes.

Next update will be of my Tornado build.

stay tune and go give my new layout a go and let me know if i need to change something on that page or how the loading for that particular page is it slow? ok or fast..:D

So far i know that it works fine on Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

thanks for all the support

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Ummi Hanie said...

tahniah dah siap..siap ade website sndiri lg..bab tu sy xreti nk komen...ok je rasenye ;)

sarah-najwan said...

tahniah kira web site kamu yg baru la yer..

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