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Friday, June 03, 2011

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Gap found!! WIP: Revell 1/144 Space Shuttle Discovery

Last night i work alittle bit on the shuttle mainly trying to get the slight warp on the cargo bay fixed.... by adding this support inside the cargo bay. Since the cargo bay will be closed so no worry about adding stuff in there..

After i'm done with the warping i test fir the cargo bay door... and as expected... i saw a big gap between the door hinges(??) with the side of the cargo bay...
still trying to figure out the best way to tackle this...

1. the first idea is to put a plastic strip on the inside of the cargo bay and then fill the gap with putty
2. To fill the gap with a plastic strip, and then fix the join with some putty
3. similar to step one.. but instead of using putty... use bondite.. err will bondite shrink over time?

Luckily the join on top of the cargo-bay door is OK... but maybe need to put some support on the inside before i glue them together.... which i need to do before i tacle the gap on the cargo bay... *sigh*...

that's it for now..

over the weekend will be busy with all the wedding invitation.. dont know if i have time to do this shuttle.

 stay tuned...

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