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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

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WIP: 1/35 Russia KV-1 Ekhranami (Part 1)

I'm back this time trying to complete this long-overdue tanks which was suppose to be completed back in 2008 for a Soviet Group Build.

A kit by Trumpeter which i bought it from previous Miniature Hobby location in Mid-Valley way back when i just started this hobby. (Miniature Hobby is no more, they ceased operation a few months back)

This kit gives you 2 options for track-link; if you feel adventurous and up to the challenge (as i did...bad mistake but fun nonetheless); you can make use of the seperate link track where you need to glue every piece one-by-one. Tedious but worth it. OR you can use the vinyl track, an easy way out and will make for a fast & quick build.

Anyway... moving on.. :o)

The box art: (if i can get it to be a quarter of the box art image finishing; i'll be happy)
This is the where i left this project at last time

 More WIP after the jump below

I didnt face any major issue while building this tank and minimal putty was used near the turret and the rest is just a breeze and fun process...

 Look at how "brutish" this tank looks with all its oversized bolts and nuts.

 Later i'll show the painting & decalling process of this tank.

Maybe after i post some of my completed build like the Titanic and the Abrams M1A2 Tank..

until then..:o)

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