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Friday, August 05, 2011

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M1A1 Abrams - Battle Of the Rumalyah Oilfields: Completed

MBT M1A1 Abrams - Battle Of the Rumalyah Oilfields

Main battle tank of the US Army during the Battle of the Rumalyah Oilfields in March 2nd, 1991.
This model was completed at around June 2011 and participated in the SMM2011 in KL.

 The base kit is from Dragon with the scale of 1/35 of the actual tank size (approx), and this was completed with the sand color as it was used in the said battle.

 Again this has been a straight-forward build as this kit has very minimal issue in construction. I kept the weathering to the very minimal since i'm still learning on how to properly weather a tank resulted in a not so accurate representation of the tank in that battle (which suppose to be a very USED and dirty tank).

More photo below..

This build span at around 2-3 months while i'm juggling with my Titanic build on and off and glad that i'm able to finish it in time for the SMM2011 event.

Enjoy the completed photo below.. and sorry for the first photo... it just something i'm trying to do with photoshop.... :o)

 kuman... :o)

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