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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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Happy 13th Birthday.. GOOGLE!!!

If its not because of google as my default search engine, i wouldnt have noticed that today is Google's 13th Birthday.....  so a round of Birthday wish for google for a good 13 years serving the net and a good hunderd years to come....... :D

 Above is their logo in all their default page today and thats how i know today is their birthday :D

So far from Google i used
- Search Engine (of course)
- Picasa (pretty nice image management)
- Google Chrome (not bad)
- GoogleMaps (dont leave home without it)

still waiting to test
- Google Apps (online apps thinggy)

so enjoy  your birthday Mr Google (or Ms Google) and looking forward for more stuff from you hehehe


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KC@ella said...

Lebih muda dari Aiman rupanya Si Google ni, baru 13 tahun. Hepi birthday Si Google.

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