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Monday, September 05, 2011

Home » » Its been ages since i last install Windows98!!

Its been ages since i last install Windows98!!

First post in the "new moon" (sound like that movie title already)...

Google is your friend...

As the topic suggested... today is a historic day for me since after how many decades of not installing Windows98, i got a chance to do so due to a PC malfunctioned in the production line.

This pesky machine required Windows98 to boot the software and it believe it can work with WindowsXP but some tinkering is required.. so i thought just install Windows98 and be done with it..

Lucky for me the Windows98 cd i used is of a Second Edition where the setup can be booted directly from the CD, else the problem of preparing the Boot disket etc.

As i was so used to installing modern OS's, installing this version makes me feel a bit weird... with all the extra large fonts and dark-bright-blue screen... aduhai the pain of waiting for it to install...

but at the end i survived after so-many restarts.. now installing the drivers.... i wonder if i still need to install the display driver in this ancient PC.. :lol:

till later... with some update on my Hobby.. :)

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POSH76 said...

salam aidilfitri

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