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Thursday, October 11, 2012

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Supernatural S08Ep01 - "We Need to talk About Kevin"- short review

Episode 1 short review...

Follow-up on:

Finally the wait is over and i got to watch the first episodes a couple of days ago..

As normal, a few questions were raised in the first episode and the answers will be revealed throughout the season (as expected) and its good to see the Winchester brother back together again and the returning of Crowley is a welcomed sight as well. A new cast will help drive the story even further.

And we have to expect to see a lot of flashbacks in this season as 1 year in Purgatory (for Dean) and 1 year without his brother (for Sam) will have a lot of adventure and stories to be told. Just hope that it didnt interfere with their "regular" adventure together.

And i cant wait to see what's in store for Cass (in Purgatory) & Meg after the Leviathan incident in the end of last season.

Will continue to watch this series and i'll try to update in here from time to time.

A lot of series is premiering and i have to juggle between watching these, my hobbies, and work.. :lol: coming up is Criminal Minds Season 8...

until then..

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