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Friday, February 01, 2013

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Hard Rock Kota Kinabalu Shotglass

Finally... i manage to get my hands on a pair of the latest addition to Hard Rock Cafe in Malaysia... Hard Rock Cafe Kota Kinabalu with a help of a fellow HRC glass collector :o)

I first mentioned about this new HRC back in December 2012 (new Hard Rock Cafe opening in Kota Kinabalu) - POST so this is in a way a follow-up to that post :D

Similar to other shotglass (in size and design) but i think their cityscape glass is very striking with the photo of a sunset with those "ikan layar" on the foreground it just very fitting... but i wonder why didnt they include Mount Kinabalu in there somewhere (or maybe its hidden in there somewhere).. hmm maybe the Mountain all the same from anywhere you look at it so its just not too striking to put on a glass....

anyway a nice addition to my collection... next to get is a pair of HRC glass from the newly "officiated" HRC Cafe Melaka.. officiated on a brand new building on January 28th, 2013



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Anonymous said...

Hello kuman. Im also hrc shotglass collector but still new. Hope we can be friend. This is my email.

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