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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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Suez Seahawk FGA MK6 - Completed

Finally i'm able to post this build in here.

Its completed about the same time as my A-10 ( Click me- A-10 Thunderbolt) for the Post.

A mini WIP can be found Mini WIP post.

again this is Trumpeter 1/48 Seahawk FGA MK6 kit and a review can be viewed at Review

a superb kit but my skill is not that great.. thus the simple oob build by me.. :)
also noted that on my first attempt i try to mask all the Suez markings on the plane it failed miserably... so i end-up using the decal marking and it works like a dream.... i conform really well to the lines (with the help of Mr Setter & Mr Softer)... and it turn out really well...

The panel lines i used the Tamiya Panel Line accent color and this is my first time using that stuff... works well + i also use the Promodeller Dark wash.

Weathering is kept to the minimum as thats why a little glossy still visible on all of my build (except for my A-10 where the glossy is unbearable.. working on the fix now :)

I always loved a wing-fold aircraft.. so that is why i make it that way with this build... and especially since the wing fold is included in teh kit and i got to safe some space in my display cabinet..

So enjoy the photo and please come back for more of my "newbie" build.... coming up on my workbench
- Panda F-35
- Zhengdefu EF-111 "Spark-vark"

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