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Thursday, October 31, 2013

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U-Boat Type XXI U-2540 (WIP #3)

Another round of updates for my U-boat Type XXI..

The rest of the WIP can be view at this Link

The below was done during the last couple of nights with a very limited modelling time (work commitments eats my hobby time)

so on with the photos..

First the ladder for the side of the tower..
initially i was torn between leaving the ladder alone and make a new one.. after a bit of convincing by modelling colleague.. i guess its time to test the skill (although for small task actually laugh.gif )...

so using the stapler bullet + a narrow nose pliers.. i have what looks like a ladder...

so below is how it looks on the tower.. and the one above it is the original.. not yet completed and not yet superglued on the other side..

i guess this will do ok to replace the original steps of the ladder... will try to complete it tonight.

next the inside of the tower.. not detail at all.. just enough so that people wouldnt see the empty inside of the sub.. so i used my "creative license" and make something to actually block the empty view to the inside of the sub. so below is the result..

 and the work leading up to the above

Next is the Hyroplanes... painted and drybrush with silver... most will not be visible once everything is glued together..

 That's it for now.... until a bit later...

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