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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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Hard Rock Cafe shotglass: How i display them.. for now..

a few days back a fellow collector asked me on how i display my Hard Rock Cafe Shotglass collection...(a puny and small collection of around 43 glasses... but its a collection right :o))

so without further ado i'll share it here...well mine is nothing fancy just a glass display cabinet (where i also display my scale models works) and just arrange it as normal..

but as you can see.. i arrange it all on the "GLASS" shelf which i think a bit risky... so i'll move all of it to the bottomest (..err i think there no such word in english.. i should have said "lowest") where it is made of wood... the thought of the glass shelf giving way and crashing with all my precious glass is so unnerving..the sound of shattering glasses.. oh my!!...

i was thinking on getting a proper display for my glass but that is another story..:)

till later

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Lynna Ghani said...

ni kalau juai agak2 berapa ni? hehehe

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