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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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A morser named karl... Dragon 1/35 54cm Morser Gerat 041 :WIP 1

Started this for the Armorama "Big Guns Campaign"...

so far the build have been very kind to me.. not much problem on the build and fit is also very nice..

I'm building this OOB and since the kit come with a fret of PE i'm going to use it as well..

The mandatory box art..
 and this kit is huge!! one of the biggest kit i've in my stash...

the part before surfacer.
 so far i've completed the build and already primed with surfacer 1000.

parts layout will be as above... and i'm going to be painting them separately beginning with the track, the exhaust, and then the main hull

at the end i'm hoping to be able to get this scheme on..

 big task ahead as i'm not very good at weathering stuff...

as usual.. C&C welcomed.. smile.gif

and the due for the Big Guns Campaign is end of March 2014... so i better hurry.... and i put all my other build on hold for the Morser

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