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Monday, May 19, 2014

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U-Boat Type XXI U-2540 (WIP #7) - Weathering?

The rest of the WIP can be viewed (U-Boat WIP -Here!!)

Back again with another round of updates... this round i'll be doing "oil-wash" on the u-boat...
i dunno if i'm doing it right but here goes..

i'll be using Oil paints "Raw Sienna" + turpentine.

mix it together and i have a wash solutions...
 the progress is as follows..

I also did a test rigging on the front of the conning tower..and also i've manage to decal the tower with the "frog" sign..

a very thin wire was used for the rigging and i think it looks ok.. :)

 i might have overdo the wash.. hmmm

before i forgot. the photo of the other side of the hull that have yet to be washed... so we can see how "clean" it was before the wash process... :)

And the rest of the was.. :)

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